Inventory and purchase manager

sport: Adventure, Fitness, Lifestyle, Outdoor

location: Seattle, WA

favorite way to use nuun: On the rocks

Every office needs that one person who willingly goes out of his way to learn any and all tasks that are asked of him. Here at Nuun HQ, we found exactly that in Alex Newman. Alex began part-time with Nuun in 2010, working as a sampler and helping to hydrate the masses in Seattle. After he graduated, Alex moved into a customer-service and admin role. Fast forward to present day and Alex now manages inventory and purchasing, as well as copy-writing.

In his spare time, Alex likes to keep his personal life just as busy as his work life. Each weekend is centered around one or more of the following: backpacking, mountaineering, volunteer search and rescue, bouldering, big game and waterfowl hunting, shooting, cycling, and cooking.

When’s he’s not totally immersed in an outdoor activity or searching for a new recipe, Alex enjoys reading about things he’s never tried before. Because of this endless desire to learn, he has read about carpentry, bee keeping, javascript, painting, radio communication, and decorative stonework, just to name a few. It is that desire that makes Alex a one of a kind find at Nuun HQ.