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2017 new years resolutions

Happy New Year, Nuuniverse! It's officially 2017 and it's the perfect time to make a few changes. We believe in always working to be our best selves, but the new year always offers a little extra motivation. So as we charge feet first into the new year, here's what we'll be working towards.

break up with our snooze button

some days we hop right out of bed, other days we hit snooze 4-5 times. snoozing has never done anything but make our workout feel rushed, so this year, we're saying goodbye to our snooze button for good. Or at least, we'll try!

no more excuses

this is probably one we'll be working on for a while. we love our beautiful pnw, but when it's wet and cold out, sometimes the last thing we want to do is head outside. but the only workouts you regret are the ones you don’t do. so in 2017, we're continuing to work on our mental perseverance.

bike to work more

bike commuting is both better for the planet and better for our bodies. we did a lot of bike commuting in 2016, but we could still ride in more often.

go to yoga more

tight muscles leave you at increased risk of injury, and more yoga will help us stay flexible. the challenging poses will also build mental toughness to help us power through on race day.

cook more at home

cooking at home more means less money spent at restaurants and more money to spend on gear!

drink more water

most days, we're really good about listening to our bodies and drinking enough fluids. but some days, it just doesn't happen. hey, even the best of us are occasionally dehydrated!

give back

we love the communities we live in and believe in paying it forward. as a team, we volunteered over 500 hours in 2016. this year, we plan to do even more.

what goals are you working on this year?

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hi jared, that’s fanastic! glad we can help you stay hydrated!

My resolution is always to travel more than the year before. But drinking tons of bottled water abroad is boring - so I always travel with a tube or two of Nuun. Thought you would like to know Nuun was recently featured in our Ultimate African Safari planning guide. Check it out and feel free to feature on your press page or blog. http://www.stridetravel.com/blogs/the-ultimate-safari-planning-guide.html

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