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3 Steps to a Cleaner Planet - with Nuun

At Nuun, we’re always keeping the future of a cleaner, greener planet top of mind and we’ve put corporate initiatives in place to ensure we are all active participants in that mission. That’s why, instead of creating a traditional sports drink pre-made in plastic bottles, we provide portable electrolyte tablets to add to water in your reusable bottle! We partner with The Conservation Alliance, and support the fight for our planet through a membership and a special edition 4-pack. We also empower employees to take 8 VTO hours (volunteer time off) per year to use towards a non-profit cause that they want to serve– which has led to many trail, beach, and park clean ups.

If you love our planet as much as we do, we’d love for you to partner with us to expand our clean planet initiatives. Here are 3 ways to think greener:

1. Use a reusable bottle wherever you go. Fill up your bottle at a water fountain, out of the tap, or from a filtered pitcher instead of purchasing 1-time use water bottles. Don’t forget to drop in your Nuun tablet!

2. Recycle your Nuun tubes. Our tubes are recyclable at any facility that accepts #5 plastic. To recycle: pop the top, peel the label, and drop our tubes in the recycle bin. If you don’t have a #5 facility close to you, we also accept tubes for recycling:

Nuun & Co
ATTN: Recycling Program
800 Maynard Ave S
Suite 102
Seattle, WA 98134

3. Reuse your tubes. Because our tubes are water proof, they are an amazing little resource for reusing. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

  • Store your dog treats on a walk
  • Stow away your headphones
  • Pack some Nuun Performance for the road
  • Create a handy kit with bobby pins and safety pins
  • Store kids snacks for the car
  • Create a mini first aid kit
  • Organize small bike kit essentials

Our planet is important to all of us – and here at Nuun, we are always evaluating ways to shine greener. Thank you so much for caring for our planet and helping us proactively have a cleaner nuuniverse together! 

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I’ve kept all my Nuun tunbes and are still collecting them. So far just putting coins in them

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