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5 reasons you should run a furry 5k

By Emma, 
eCommerce Manager

Emma wrote about her first 5k experience last year. Well, now she's run second one and wants everyone to run a furry 5k! Why? We'll let her tell you...

1. No pre-race jitters

When I turned the corner to Seward Park, where the Furry 5k was being held on a Sunday morning, I was greeted by hundreds of wagging tails. Labradors, poodles, bull dogs, beagles; every breed under the sun, frolicking around with matching purple race bandanas. This is my heaven.

Runners already know that 5Ks tend to be welcoming event. When half of the participants are canines, there’s half as much judgement to be found. Dogs are pretty accepting. Even for the less dog-obsessed, it’s hard to be anxious about an impending race when puppies are wrestling around you, and dogs are sneaking kisses on your ankles when you walk by.

2. Serious motivation

There’s nothing that will you inspire you to kick it up a notch like being passed by a dachshund. If those little legs can work that hard (probably 10 steps to my 1), I can probably pick up my pace a bit…

  Photo: Sonya Hutchinson

3. Hydration

Your furry friend has good instincts to rehydrate and stay cool. He’ll probably insist on lapping water from a hydration booth doggy bowl, and take a quick break in the kiddy pools at the finish line. It’s a great reminder for you to keep hydrating yourself!

Photo: Sonya Hutchinson

One of my favorite moments at the Furry 5k this year was when a Newfoundland decided that he’d had enough running, and that it was time to hit the lake. Unfortunately for his owner, he was attached to a hands-free leash, and dragged her by her waist for a quick, involuntary dip.

4. Plenty of distractions

For most of my run, I paced behind a Briard named Buddha, whose owner had styled him in a man-bun to keep his long fur out of his eyes. I couldn’t help chuckling when he would turn around and look at me with his tongue lolling out and his man-bun bouncing to each step.

Photo: Sonya Hutchinson

From the Shiba Inus in tutus to the boxer in a bow tie, there were plenty of distractions on the course to keep my mind off the miles.

Photo: Sonya Hutchinson

5. The best finish line

Dogs get excited by your excitement. When people are clapping and cheering at the finish line, hounds are likely to chime in with a howl, or chihuahuas with a few yaps. The extra encouragement inspired me to dig deep and finish well.

Whether you have a dog of your own (I don’t), or just enjoy being around them, I can’t recommend enough the experience of running a dog-friendly 5k. It’s sure to be an uplifting experience, and you might even PR (like I did)!

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