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7 tips to help your kids stay hydrated

Parents often ask us if their kids can share their nuun. It's important for them to stay hydrated, and not all kiddos like the taste of plain water. Fortunately, our tabs are low calorie and low sugar, and our plant-based ingredients are kid-friendly! (Note: Some flavors do have caffeine

Below are 7 tips for help your young ones stay hydrated and to help them learn good hydration habits early!

1. Water can come from fluids and foods.

Many fruits and vegetables (e.g. cucumbers and tomatoes) have a high water content, and that counts towards their hydration! 

2. let them pick their bottle.

Especially with young children. They'll be excited to carry it around, even to school!

3. when plain water won't cut it, add flavor.

Some kids just don't like the flavor of plain water. Consider adding fresh fruit to flavor the water or a product like nuun, especially for active children. The refreshing flavor will trigger the natural reaction to drink more water.

4. Skip sugar-laden beverages.

Traditional sports drinks, soft drinks, and even fruit juice may taste delicious, but contain a surprisingly high amount of sugar. Most kids don't need those extra calories.

5. Small sips.

Encourage your children to drink small sips often, rather than gulping down large amounts of fluid in one go. It's easier on the stomach, and that way they won't feel too full at meal times.

6. Monkey see, monkey do.

Kids are more likely to mimic our actions than our words. Make sure you're setting a good example for your children!

7. Know the symptoms of dehydration in children.

Whether it's hot or cold, kids can still get dehydrated when exercising even though they don't sweat the same way adults do. It's important to familiarize yourself with the symptoms of dehydration, which include (but aren't limited to): sunken eyes, decreased frequency of urination, no tears when crying, irritability, and lethargy.

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