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off-season with jessie diggins

Hi nuuniverse! I’m Jessie: a Nuun athlete, a clean sport advocate, and a professional cross country skier. In other words, I sweat, wear spandex and ski uphill for a living! My year looks something like this: starting May 1st, I begin training.

Originally from Minnesota, I now train with my club team out of Stratton, Vermont, and that’s where I live when I’m not at US Ski Team camps in Oregon, Alaska, New Zealand and Utah. I usually train twice a day, 6 days a week, and although I love it…it’s brutally hard. We train with a mix of roller skiing, running, weight lifting and other cross...

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best of toronto

Hey there nuuniverse! My name is Jonny and I live in Toronto, the capitol of Ontario and Canada’s largest city. Well-known as a melting pot where cultures blend to make one amazing city, Toronto has no shortage of great places to get out and get active. To cover them all, I would need a whole book, but these are a few of my favorites.

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Chef Vishal: Chicken & Pesto

This dish is one of my summer staples. It's very easy to make and if you have garden, all those basil leaves will come in handy for the pesto! Sure, you could buy pre-made pesto, but fresh is best! The pesto can also be made in large batches in advance, just remember to pop it in the freezer to preserve it.

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best of boston

We're continuing our tour of our favorite cities by heading east to Boston. Jay here, Nuun's local sales guru, to share my favorite spots to run, bike, swim, and work up an appetite. Boston is known for it’s history, it’s hospitals and universities, it’s great seafood, and oh yeah.. it’s wicked passionate sports fans. (No trip to Boston is complete without visiting Fenway - GO SOX!) It’s also home to one of the oldest annual and best-known road races in the world, The Boston Marathon.

The city itself has a huge active community, and attracts athletes all over the world to come and visit the city. Whether you're in town for the marathon or just here to check out what Boston has to offer, these are a few of the many, many spots that you can get that workout in while you’re here.

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Do’s & Don’ts For Your First 26.2

A few months back, you took the plunge and registered for your first marathon. You've been training hard all summer, and now race day is fast approaching. You're excited, but nerves are starting to set in. Take a deep breath and trust your training. You're ready for this.

Follow these do's and don'ts, and you're sure to have a memorable first 26.2!

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muscle cramps

Recently, there’s been a lot of new theories and studies that may help us get to the root cause of muscle cramping. One thing I know for sure is that every athlete (regardless of the level you train and compete at) has, in one way or another, experienced muscle cramping. It is one of those side effects of exercise, of pushing your body to the limit, that I still believe we haven’t solved or found a way to eliminate the onset of muscle cramps during exercise.

There are certain nutritional strategies you can implement to help your body prepare for battle. But before we get into those, we should start with the basics: what are muscle cramps, how do they occur, and why?

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labor day nuunsicles

Katie from ​the juice is back, this time with deliciously refreshing adult popsicles. Whether you enjoy them as frozen cocktails or mocktails, they're the perfect treat to enjoy the last long weekend of summer.


​September! How is it already September?? To be fair, we feel like this often anguished, rarely appreciated month kinda gets a bad rap. Though nestled at its core are some of the most perfect days of the year, September is too synonymous with school, scheduling + saying sayonara to the sweet escape of summer.

But if they can nix Pluto as a planet and change when Daylight Savings is going to fall (pun intended), I am going to confidently assert that September is, in fact, still summer .. so, yep, 4 more weeks of the good stuff, you’re welcome!

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our favorite 26.2

the temps are starting to fall and the leaves are starting to change. that must mean ​fall marathon season is finally here! there are a lot of great courses out there, but these are our favorites.

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Nuuntini Testing: ​French 75

This month, we’re going to get all classy with a time-honored cocktail standard. The French 75 dates back to World War I in Paris, and is known for being both sweet and powerful. Our little twist will make it rehydrating as well!

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​7 Yoga Poses to Relax and Restore Your Legs

Yoga is one of our favorite ways to cross-train, and the flow below doesn't even require sitting up! Ann from Runners Love Yoga is back with 7 new poses to help will help improve your flexibility, which will help you run faster and more efficiently.

After a tough workout, sometimes gathering up motivation to move is difficult—let alone stretch. Use the following 7 pose sequence to relax and restore your legs. You can stay reclining the entire time! After going through all seven poses on one side as directed, repeat the same order on the second side.

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