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Nuuntini Testing: Arnold Palmer

Nothing says summer like an ice-cold lemonade or refreshing iced tea. So,we’re combining the two (Nuun style) for a wicked summer Nuuntini.

The classic Arnold Palmer is a delicious blend of lemonade and iced tea. Ours is prepared “adult style” with a dash of hydration! The Ginger Lemonade Nuun tab brings a sweet citrus finish to this sunshine refreshment. We love the combination with a dark iced black tea and some delicious sweet tea vodka by Firefly Spirits. (What up South Carolina!?)

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Our Trail Bucket List

As the last of the snow quickly melts away from our favorite trails, trail race season is opening up across the country with a bang! If single track is more your style, check out our trail race bucket list for some of our “top of the list” trail experiences across the US!

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Nuun Immunity: Post-Workout

Start your workout recovery from the inside out! We created our newest hydration product with athletes in mind, knowing that when you push your body to its limits, your immune system becomes more vulnerable to external pathogen invasion.

Nuun Immunity was designed by athletes, for athletes. It’s made with Non-GMO verified ingredients, including a healthful blend of electrolytes, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories. The electrolytes aid in keeping the body optimally hydrated when it’s working on overdrive to protect against germs/viruses.

We’ve added a power line-up of antioxidants which support the restoration of the body’s natural defense systems, plus anti-inflammatories that work to reduce internal inflammation (such as sore muscles after a tough workout).

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​Taking the Leap to Trail Running

​Taking the leap over to trail running: tips from a trialed trail runner!

As a lifelong road-runner, the transition to the trail running seemed relatively straightforward. Less traffic. more vertical. Good to go! Fast forward 3 weeks into my debut to the trails, and a severely sprained ankle proved me otherwise. Biggest lesson learned: the sport of trail running is drastically different from hitting the pavement.

So, what did I do? I recovered from my humbling injury and got trail smart. With a few easy adjustments, I made a much smoother transition to #traillife and enjoyed the very best of what trail running has to offer!

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​Miles with you

Miles With You
an ode to the hydration pack

My old faithful,
My voyager of the unexplored,
My pioneer of endurance.

I carry your weight,
You bring the refreshment.
A match made in trail heaven...

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Kara Goucher: You Are Not Alone

By: Kara Goucher

Running has been one of the central focuses of my life since I was 12 years old. I ran races in the summertime with my grandpa for fun starting at age 6, but at 12 I joined the cross country team at my junior high school. Running came easy for me. Once I figured out a little bit of pacing, more often than not, I found myself crossing the line first. I loved that running felt so natural. After playing, and struggling, with so many other sports, running was the first sport I did that felt familial. I didn’t have to think about where the soccer ball was hitting my shoe or the angle of my tennis racket in my hand. I just ran. It was freeing and exhilarating.

After years of running fast, loving my teammates, and winning state titles, running suddenly became hard. I was a junior in high school and my body was changing. I was breathing so much harder, my body didn’t seem to respond when I told it to push.

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Redefine Your “Rush Hour”

It’s time to start making the most of your commute to work! Running or biking to work is a great way to reduce your personal carbon footprint, fit in a workout on a busy day and diffuse stress before/after a work day.

While traffic jams are wiped off of the commute obstacle list, active commutes present a handful of unique twists. So, in order to reap the benefits of your run/bike commute, it pays to be prepared.

As the weather warms and dries up, following a few helpful pro-tips will help you to get the most out of your newly defined “rush hour!"

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3 Things I learned Training For A Half

For the last 10 years, I’ve ridden bicycles thousands of miles from mountain biking to road racing to cyclocross. I’m not the best or fastest, but I love cycling for the fun and the fitness that comes with it. Over the last 10 years, I’ve also run a total of about 20 miles.

Twelve weeks before my first half-marathon, I wouldn’t have considered myself a “runner”. (For those cyclists who aren’t familiar, running is what you do when you get a flat tyre at the Tour de France.) I thought that committing to a 12-week training plan would be a good challenge. Even if, at the time, the thought of running 6, 8, 10 or more miles was daunting and 13.1 miles seemed impossible. Then the running started and I learned that running is awesome.

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Nuuntini Testing: Strawberry Lemonade Wine Spritzer

This month, we’re getting bubbly! April’s Nuuntini features a refreshing Strawberry Lemonade Spritzer, perfect for warmer and sunnier afternoons. We love the sweet combination of Sauvignon Blanc wine with the citrus twist from the club soda and Strawberry Lemonade Nuun.

This cocktail is perfect for kicking back, relaxing AND replenishing after a tough, sweaty workout!

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​The Ultimate Hydration Line-up

Did you know that proper hydration extends far beyond drinking 8 glasses of water a day? Certain minerals help our bodies to actually absorb the water we consume rather than it flushing straight through our systems. Enter scene: Nuun Hydration!

Nuun has a full line-up of hydration products available to suit whichever hydration scenarios best fit your lifestyle. All of our products are designed around a proprietary electrolyte blend to optimize everyday hydration.

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