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NHL Player Andrew Ferrence Q&A

National Geographic's Beyond the Puck offers a rare glimpse into the life of eco-warrior and NHL hockey player Andrew Ference.   "But he is not your typical hockey player. Andrew's an environmental activist, a Stanley Cup champion, the husband of a former professional snowboarder, and father of two girls. He rides his bike to “work” and doesn’t mind being called a tree hugger. He’s just as comfortable checking opponents on the ice as he is teaching kids about composting in elementary schools," according to National Geographic.   Want to know something else about Andrew? He uses Nuun to prepare for his NHL games! Be sure to check out the whole video, but...

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Hydration for Ruggers

We're proud to announce one of our newest partnerships with Your Scrumhalf Connection, THE source for women's rugby information. What started out as the typical dehydration story... The Texas heat was causing major problems with cramping and hydration despite drinking MORE than the prescribed amount of water on a daily basis. Ended happily with well-hydrated and high performance Ruggers! I was introduced to Nuun by a fellow rugger & crossfitter last year and have been religiously slurping it down ever since! ...I no longer have cramps at night or during rugby practice or long tournament weekends. Nuun is also a miracle worker for hangovers…just sayin’. Check out...

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Swafford Claims Title on Home Turf

Nationwide’s Stadion Classic: Home Course Advantage It has been less than a year since this year’s Stadion Classic champion, Hudson Swafford, was heading out to team practice at UGA’s home course in Athens, GA preparing for NCAA regionals. You could tell Hudson was no stranger to this course as he carded a stellar final round of 62! This win boosted him from being No. 61 on the money list all the way to No. 7. Athens was more than ecstatic to see Hudson return and take home the title. The stands went wild when Hudson holed out on his last hole of the...

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Nuun Instead of Soda? Yes, please!

Samantha over at Running and Cupcakes just posted a great review about the importance of hydration and Nuun's role. In fact, it was so awesome that us here at the Nuun office may have learned a tip or two! Such as, keep Nuun everywhere, as in your purse, workout bag, at your desk, and in your kitchen, and never be without a bottle to fill. Samantha begins by telling a story about her dehydrated days. Can you guess how the story ends? Once upon a time there was a Little Cupcake (we’ll call her LC for short) who drank nothing but soda. And...

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SoccerCleats101.com Drinks Nuun

How do we convince folks to toss their high-calorie electrolyte replacement beverages? Usually, just by letting them test out some Nuun! SoccerCleats101.com recently tried Nuun, but was a little apprehensive to integrate something new into the routine. Swayed by our long list of ambassadors - as well as the effective reputation of our product - they gave it a go and had some great things to say: "Having spent a few weeks finishing off one container of tablets, I have to admit I am a huge fan. The key difference is that these are very light and produce a flavored water rather than the...

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May Events

This May we’re proud to support the following events. Be sure to stop by and sample flavors you’ve been dying to try, and remember now’s a great time to stock up on all your Nuun needs for the coming warmer months. Haggen to Haggen 5k - Bellingham, WA May 5 Hydrate with us on course, then pick up your favorite flavor at Haggen Grocery Store. 5 Boro Bike Event - NYC May 3-5 Pick up the latest and greatest in the bike community, including your favorite electrolyte tablet, at the three day 5 Boro Bike Expo. North Face Challenge - NY May 5-6 Hydrate with Nuun on course, the North Face Challenge Hydration Sponsor. Bloomsday - Spokane, WA May 4-5 Check out the Nuun...

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Crystal Wright Wins Freeskiing World Tour

  [caption id="attachment_2569" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Crystal celebrating a podium finish earlier this season."][/caption] Congratulations to Crystal Wright who won the Freeskiing World Tour on April 7!  You can read all about it on the Freeskiing World Tour site, but Crystal's been fighting  hard and staying hydrated this year, and we've been cheering her on every step of the way. (From the Freeskiing World Tour) Heading into the finals, the ladies field was filled with suspense, as the battle for the McConkey Cup came down to Crystal Wright and Angel Collinson’s final run of the season. Posting a huge score of 34.23 today was Jackson Hole’s Crystal Wright, as her...

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Meet Nuun’s 2012 Hood To Coast Team

  Last year the ladies on the Nuun Hood to Coast team - along with the Nuun staffers - shared lots of laughs, many miles, even more tweets, and formed some lifelong friendships in the process. The experience was one of a lifetime for everyone, and this year we've added on a third team to triple the fun. Reviewing all of the amazing candidates was an honor. It was no easy task to select our team because every applicant was so deserving. However, after hours of viewing and thoughtful consideration, here are the ladies who will be joining us in 2012. The list of 30 team...

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Twice the Tour Challenge with Strava

Next month we're partnering with Strava - the social fitness site - to inspire and motivate cyclists to go the distance in May. While some cyclists are gearing up for the AMGEN Tour of California, you can put yourself to the physical and hydration test with Nuun’s Twice the Tour challenge. Ride twice the distance that Tour riders will race between May 1 and May 31 - 1,479 miles total - and earn your challenge Finisher’s badge. Check out Strava's site for more information and to sign up. Good luck cyclists, and as always, stay hydrated!

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Boston Marathon Hydration

As we've all heard by now, it was HOT at the Boston Marathon this year. So hot in fact that the BAA offered deferment and urged people to run slowly rather than race as temperatures were forecasted to soar to 88 degrees on race day. Meanwhile, we went through a record 410 gallons of Nuun samples at the expo and helped runners to stay hydrated and keep electrolyte levels optimal. On race day Nuun unofficially had some staff around mile 17 to cheer on runners on a brutal day. As the race went on they encountered and helped many hot, thirsty,...

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