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Ironman World Champs Sample Team!

In typical folk-hero rhetoric the Nuuners partook in the 32nd annual pilgrimage to Kona, Hawaii, for the Ironman World Championship . Ever taken a swig of Kona cola after swimming 2.4 miles, biking 112 miles and running 26.2 miles? Thanks to the Nuun crew on site, hundreds of athletes got their electrolytes throughout the endurance binger and right at the ever-gratifying finish line. Special thanks to Summer Deboom — what her uncle is to Kona (back-to-back champ '01 & '02), she is to passing out super tasty electrolytes.

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PGA Presence is Building

To reassure that we're more than just a pretty commercial, we attended our first PGA event this month hosted by Nuun athlete and wonderful philanthropist, Davis Love III. The beautiful sea island golf course on the Georgia coast was the venue. Amidst the cursed heat of the south, icy-cold Nuun was a happily received switch-a-roo from the other “standard” drinks on course. We hope to have a few more golf ambassadors out there shortly.

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Team Dart-Nuun Wins Adventure Race World Nationals

Congrats on a job well done! Our very own adventure racing team, DartNuun came in a very close 1st place finish, by 45 seconds none the less...and beat the desert heat after 4.5 days of consecutive racing. The 375km racecourse took place in the Mojave Desert and we heard that temps got around 110 degrees if not higher in some of the canyons. Wow, that's hot! Now these guys really know how important it is to stay...

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King County’s Marymoor Park Velodrome, Redmond, WA Starccrossed

Now that summer has come and gone (in most cases anyway), it's time to turn our attention to the sport of cyclocross where we have MANY Nuun athletes competing all over the country. Cyclocross, as a general rule, is a great excuse to take perfectly good bikes and ruin them out in the mud! Nuun has ambassador athletes at some of the country's biggest races (like starcrossed) and some of the fastest (and tallest as it turns out) racers out there on the course. The lanky “twin timbers” of team Kona cyclocross, Ryan Trueborn and Barry Wicks, have been consistently at...

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Congratulations to Jen VanGorder, and Welcome to the World Jora!

While we’re always excited to announce new ambassadors, athletes and believers under the Nuun banner, we’re ultra excited when we get to announce new members to our com-Nuun-ity. At 5am on the 20th of November, one of our very own here in the Nuun offices, Jen, gave birth to a beautiful baby Jora. So very excited for Jen, her family and what may be the most optimally hydrated baby ever! We can’t wait for Jora to spread the ambassador love to the pre-school set and start adventure racing with her mom on the Dart Nuun Team!

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Top 5 Reasons Golfers Should be using Nuun

1.) Hit it closer to the pin. Research has found that golfers in a dehydrated state significantly underestimate distances to the pin.

2.) No Sugar high and low. Have you ever been playing a round of golf and all of a sudden find yourself extremely thirsty and starving. Then you chug a sugary drink and eat some carbs. What are your next three holes like? Kennesaw State University Women's golf coach says this about her players....

3.) All the pros are doing it...


5.) It just tastes so good. When it tastes good, you will drink more of...

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Want to Know How Nuun got its Start in Golf??

Here is a quick hit on Amateur Golf about Davis Love, and how Nuun came to be found in the golf world, enjoy!

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Nuun on the Top of the World, Again.

Brian Dickinson, one of our elite climbing fans... 

Life is for living!  I’ve been goal-oriented my entire life. By establishing realistic goals and mapping a plan to accomplish them, you create a drive that shapes your life and inspires others in the process. I spent 6 years as a combat search and rescue swimmer in the United States Navy. After being honorably discharged in 1999, I spent a few years earning my bachelor degree in Information Technology, Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and completing technical certifications (CCIE, MCSE, CNE) to help establish a solid career in the high tech industry (Cisco Systems), plus I...

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Organ Donors Rock

Thank you to all.

This is going out to all my email contacts. If it does not apply to you please disregard it. If you think it needs to get forwarded to somebody please do so.

The “Donors Rock” Ride has come to an end and it is a bitter sweet ending. In the past 51 days I drove over 14,000 miles in my truck and did 51 bike rides for a total of 2550 miles. I rode in all conditions including the heat, rain, wind and hills. I rode with Transplant recipients and donors, donor families and people who wanted to support...

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What the heck is Crossfit??

Hello everyone, my name is Eddie and I am a Nuun ambassador who does Crossfit, Olympic Lifting, and the occasional triathlon. I own Metroflex gym in Long Beach California. Since Nuun is new to the Crossfit community, I am doing my best to spread the word. But, I also thought it would be fun to share what Crossfit is all about with all of you who maybe haven’t heard about one of the fastest growing sports in the US and the world.

Crossfit is 'the sport' of overall fitness with the main idea being that everything is high intensity, constantly varied, and...

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