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team nuun in kona

​The IRONMAN World Championship coming up this weekend is the most iconic event in triathlon. Entry to the big event in the original home of the IRONMAN distance (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile run) is by qualification only, bringing some of the best professional and amateur athletes in the world to this race.

Racing on the big island is an experience unlike any other. The heat, the humidity, and the wind create a daunting course for an already challenging event, and the buzz of energy emitting from all of the other athletes is absolutely contagious. To be part of the exclusive club to cross the finish line on Ali'i drive is a lifetime achievement that many of these athletes work toward for years and will never forget.

here at hydration hq, we’re excited to cheer on five of our ambassadors in Kona.

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great wall marathon

Last year, we told you about one of the toughest marathons in the world: The Great Wall Marathon. With steep steps and rapid elevation changes, this is a grueling 26.2. Truly the race of a lifetime. Team Nuun athlete Carla is one of few that has run The Great Wall Marathon and what follows is her account of "the hardest marathon in the world."

What was Facebook trying to tell me? - Suggested post - “Ready for your next challenge? The Great Wall of China: The hardest marathon in the world." Why was this post constantly taunting me? I couldn't login without the "Sign Up Now" button calling...

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They’re Headed to the Big Event!

These 6 nuun athletes are headed south for the competition of their lives, but you won't hear us congratulating them in August. Here's why.

Next month, the eyes of the world will turn to the big games that only happen once every 4 years. Sports that don't get a lot of attention during the other three years, like track & field, are suddenly front and center, and it's these athletes' turn to shine. But at a time when their value is highest, they are unable to capitalize on it. Companies that don't sponsor the games, such as nuun, are unable to mention the event or the athletes' names during the blackout period. This is meant to prevent companies from capitalizing on the games, but it also effectively stops us from congratulating or wishing them "good luck" in any way publicly.

We consider each and every one of our athletes part of our nuun family, and wish we could show our support. But just because we can't, doesn't mean you can't.

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Too Electrolit To Quit

Ragnar Northwest Passage is coming up this weekend, and since it's in our backyard, we're sending a team from Hydration HQ! Meet the awesome folks behind team #tooelectrolittoquit.

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round and round we go

Over Memorial Day weekend, two of our sales gurus joined their @ridesasquatch teammates, other Nuun ambassadors, and 800 like-minded cyclists on the eastern side of Washington state to test their mettle at the legendary 24 Hours Round the Clock mountain bike race. You may have seen their Instagram takeover ​here.

The following is an account of their (mis)adventures and 12 tips/tricks they learned for anyone interested in taking 24 hour racing for a spin.

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My First Boston

This past Monday was my first Boston. No, I didn't run it (I'm not nearly fast enough), but it was my first time being in Boston during the marathon. I thought working the Nuun booth at the expo would be just like any other expo. Maybe busier and more chaotic, but an expo is an expo, right? Wrong.

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Relay Van Etiquette

One of my favorite opportunities to interact with our awesome brand ambassadors is at a Ragnar Relay! A few times each year, we invite our athletes to join us on a Ragnar Relay team. It's a great opportunity to get to know each other a little better.

As we get ready to run our first relay of the year, here are some relay van etiquette reminders that help us prepare. You may find these tips helpful, whether you're best friends, family, or (in our case) new friends running together for the first time.

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Nuun Year Dash Sneak Peek

We're hosting our inaugural Nuun Year Dash in February, and we're excited to offer a sneak peek at some of the swag!

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Hood to Coast ‘15

We had a blast at Hood to Coast this past weekend! It's hard to put into words, so we're going to let our pictures do the talking!

Team Nuun athletes flew in from all over the country.

A quick shakeout run to loosen the legs.

No trip to Seattle is complete without a visit to Hydration HQ and an inspirational speech from the man in charge.

The vans are painted, and it's time to hit the road.

And we're off!

Oops! Looks like somebody's team got lost!

There was some stormy weather, but we persevered!

You can find more photos by clicking on our tag: #nuunHTC!

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meet our 2015 HTC team: The Tubesters

we're very excited to have two teams running hood to coast this year! meet the tubesters. most of the runners are team nuun athletes, and a few are members of the nuun crew you can follow their adventures on instagram by following the tag #nuunhtc.

Dave, Brian, and Vishal

our very own Brian @briangorun

1. what is your favorite pre-race meal?a massive burrito!

2. what is your favorite race memory?Running my first night leg at a relay - it was pitch black outside when I started and as I ran the sun slowly started to light up the sky!

3. why do you love being a part of team nuun?I love...

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