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3 Steps to a Cleaner Planet - with Nuun

At Nuun, we’re always keeping the future of a cleaner, greener planet top of mind and we’ve put corporate initiatives in place to ensure we are all active participants in that mission. That’s why, instead of creating a traditional sports drink pre-made in plastic bottles, we provide portable electrolyte tablets to add to water in your reusable bottle! We partner with ​The Conservation Alliance, and support the fight for our planet through a membership and a ​special edition 4-pack. We also empower employees to take 8 VTO hourse (volunteer time off) per year to use towards a non-profit cause that they want to serve– which has led to many trail, beach, and park clean ups.

If you love our planet as much as we do, we’d love for you to partner with us to expand our clean planet initiatives. Here are 3 ways to think greener!

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Nuun Shandies

We’re going to let you in on a little two-word secret: Beer + Nuun. That’s right…two of our favorite refreshments combined as an all-in-one happiness beverage! At Nuun HQ, we’ve experimented with a number of Nuun/Beer combinations, and have found the most delightful combinations for your electrolyte + carbohydrate fix. As we head into crisper fall weather training, make sure to stock up on your favorite Nuun flavors and beer choices for some extra incentive at the end of your longer workouts, or to keep hydrated at this season’s tailgates!

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Join Nuun at Outessa Waterville Valley!

Ladies, not ready for summer to be over yet? Still looking for that epic outdoor experience? You should look at REI Outessa in Waterville Valley, NH next month and here is why!

Playing outdoors can be expensive if you don’t have the gear, intimidating if you don’t have the skill and exhausting if you have to plan it all yourself. REI has all this covered at Outessa plus more. Over the course of a long weekend, you can learn to rock climb, SUP, mountain bike, trail run, hike, take amazing photos, car camp, cook in the woods, build a fire, hula dance (yes, you read that correctly), build life goals, set intentions and so much more. The group of partners that have come together to teach these classes with an all-female staff of REI guides and instructors is amazing, fun and inspiring all wrapped together.

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​Tips for a successful race day

Race day is the ultimate culmination of an enormous amount of hard work. Over the last few months, you’ve made sacrifices in time and energy, put in the tough training hours and ensured your body is in tip-top physical shape for performance. BUT, even though your physiological self is race-ready, there are many other factors that can contribute to the success or downfall of race day. Nuun’s got you covered for the full mind-body-spirit preparation heading into the big day!

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Our Fave Nuun Popsicle Recipes

Nuun popsicles (aka Nuunsicles) can be as easy as mixing up some Nuun and popping it in the freezer. (Bonus points for fun popsicle molds!) And if you're looking to up your popsicle game this summer, try our favorite recipes below!

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​Watermelon Jalapeno Nuunarita

This year, we’re celebrating our favorite summer fruit by way of a Nuun margarita (or as we like to call it, a Nuunarita)! August 3rd is National Watermelon Day and we’ve mixed up JUST the cocktail for the occasion. Why, oh why do we love watermelon so? Let us count the ways…

1. Watermelon is made up of over 90% water. Bonus points for hydration!
2. It’s the fruit that brings the party. No summer BBQ is complete with watermelon slices.
3. It’s PINK! Come on, it doesn’t get any more fun than that!
4. Watermelon is full of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and antioxidants. #healthpoints
5. It’s delightfully sweet and refreshing after a hot workout.

This blended margarita is the best of all watermelon worlds. It’s refreshing, spicy, and tasty with a dose of Nuun Hydration! Does it get any better than this? (Hint: No, no it doesn’t.)

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Nuun Kit Size Guide

We know ordering new gear online without trying it on first can be tough, so we asked the Nuun crew to pitch in! We're sharing the size we wear in our Pactimo kits as well as our height and weight to help you make an informed decision. When you're ready to place your order, you can click the links below!

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A Berry Berry Beet Smoothie

Berries... Beets... Battlestar Galactica.

... We mean smoothies! Our latest berrylicious smoothie recipe uses Blueberry Tangerine Immunity for the base to get the benefits of its immune-system-boosting mix of botanicals. Add in Greek yogurt for a powerful protein punch. And the folate-rich beets help round out the nutrition profile and give this smoothie it's beautiful red color!

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Nuuntini Testing: Arnold Palmer

Nothing says summer like an ice-cold lemonade or refreshing iced tea. So,we’re combining the two (Nuun style) for a wicked summer Nuuntini.

The classic Arnold Palmer is a delicious blend of lemonade and iced tea. Ours is prepared “adult style” with a dash of hydration! The Ginger Lemonade Nuun tab brings a sweet citrus finish to this sunshine refreshment. We love the combination with a dark iced black tea and some delicious sweet tea vodka by Firefly Spirits. (What up South Carolina!?)

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​Taking the Leap to Trail Running

​Taking the leap over to trail running: tips from a trialed trail runner!

As a lifelong road-runner, the transition to the trail running seemed relatively straightforward. Less traffic. more vertical. Good to go! Fast forward 3 weeks into my debut to the trails, and a severely sprained ankle proved me otherwise. Biggest lesson learned: the sport of trail running is drastically different from hitting the pavement.

So, what did I do? I recovered from my humbling injury and got trail smart. With a few easy adjustments, I made a much smoother transition to #traillife and enjoyed the very best of what trail running has to offer!

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