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the juice: citrus ginger

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays behind us, we’re settling into those New Year vibes, rooted in the lessons learned in 2016 and giddy to see to what 2017 has in store. It’s in the quiet calm of January that we’re able to find comfort in the old but connect with the new, to start small but dream big, to refuel, refresh + re-energize, ready to make the next year nothing short of epic.

Oh, epic you say? Like it’s easy? Well it kinda is .. First, let’s put some pen to paper and try to find that thing that screens + Snapchat filters annihilated .. IMAGINATION! Dream big kids .. imagine what you want this year to hold - whether it be a new PR, your first ultra, your first puppy, or even a brand new boyfriend thats going to be all like “hey, did you lose weight? let me make you breakfast, you look ravishing today.” Whatever it is, write it down; a handwritten vision is like asking the Universe for express delivery.

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​Chef Vishal: Chow Mein

This is a very easy meal to make on a busy night. Chow mien noodles (which you can find in specialty grocery stores) cook in less than 5 minutes. And the sauce can be whipped up with house-hold pantry items. Then, just throw in the kitchen sink in terms of veggies!

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introducing nuun vitamins!

Over the past two years we’ve been working very hard on creating a product that would aid in hydration, as well as health and wellness for those times we’re not exercising. Why? Because how you recover and strengthen your immune system will help determine the effectiveness of subsequent workouts. And we know hydration, as well as some key vitamins, will aid in boosting your immune system and ensuring your muscles and bones stay healthy.

So what is nuun vitamins?

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Chef Vishal: Black Bean Soup

This polar vortex has me craving soup, so I thought I'd share one of my favorites. This black bean soup with chili lime corn is a crowd-pleaser, and it's easy to whip up.

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Chef Vishal: Beet Salad

With a little prep, you can whip this salad up in less than ten minutes. I usually keep the base ingredients in this salad on hand for an easy, nutritious dinner after a long day.

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The Juice: ​Blueberry Basil Bowl

Katie from ​The Juice is back with a new, vitamin-packed recipe to help you get through cold and flu season with your immune system at full power!

As the temps go down and the mileage goes up, staying happy + healthy are key pieces to our weekly training plan. Because no one has time to be bedridden with the bug your kid picked up in school or even sidelined with the seasonal sniffles, we’ve bumped up a vitamin-packed berry blend with all the benefits of basil. Loaded with antibacterial properties to fend off the flu, basil also acts as both an anti-inflammatory agent AND as a powerful adaptogen- meaning it not only helps the body respond to stress but also fight disease. By reducing inflammation, pain AND stress, it’s our secret weapon to staying worry-free + well for a winter that's filled with wins, not woes.

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Chef Vishal: Indian Fried Rice

Vagharelo bhaat (or Indian fried rice) with mint yogurt is one of my favorite dishes from my childhood. Growing up, I ate this dish almost on a weekly basis (I use to call it lemon rice). Later, as my knowledge of food increased, I realized the nutritional punch this dish offers. You may need to make a special trip for a couple of the ingredients, but it's packed with good carbs and lots of vegetables, plus you get an anti-inflammatory boost from the turmeric!

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Fuel Your Best 26.2

Fall marathon racing season has officially kicked off with the Berlin Marathon, and what a race it was! One thing I noticed towards the end of the race was at the last drink station, the leader of the race (Wilson Kipsang) did not grab his bottle. And the runner in second place (Kenenisa Bekele), only a few meters behind him did in fact grab his bottle, took a few sips a zoomed past Wilson for the win. While nearly breaking the world record.

This blog is not intended to break down the Berlin Marathon, but as a sport nutritionist, I can’t help but notice that key tactic employed by Kenenisa, and be proud of it, too! I don’t know what was in his bottle, but an athlete of his caliber most likely is drinking something with a blend of carbohydrates and electrolytes, and the nutrients in that bottle may have given him enough of a nutritional boost to zoom finish the race strong.

Follow these tips before & during your next marathon to race at your best.

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Chef Vishal: Chicken & Pesto

This dish is one of my summer staples. It's very easy to make and if you have garden, all those basil leaves will come in handy for the pesto! Sure, you could buy pre-made pesto, but fresh is best! The pesto can also be made in large batches in advance, just remember to pop it in the freezer to preserve it.

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Chef Vishal: Chicken Fajitas

This is one of my favorite dishes. Not only because it is simple to prepare, but it’s loaded with a balanced blend of vegetables and lean protein to help you recover after a tough workout. You can essentially add any vegetables you have on hand, and use your favorite toppings.

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