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Nuun Shandies

We’re going to let you in on a little two-word secret: Beer + Nuun. That’s right…two of our favorite refreshments combined as an all-in-one happiness beverage! At Nuun HQ, we’ve experimented with a number of Nuun/Beer combinations, and have found the most delightful combinations for your electrolyte + carbohydrate fix. As we head into crisper fall weather training, make sure to stock up on your favorite Nuun flavors and beer choices for some extra incentive at the end of your longer workouts, or to keep hydrated at this season’s tailgates!

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​Watermelon Jalapeno Nuunarita

This year, we’re celebrating our favorite summer fruit by way of a Nuun margarita (or as we like to call it, a Nuunarita)! August 3rd is National Watermelon Day and we’ve mixed up JUST the cocktail for the occasion. Why, oh why do we love watermelon so? Let us count the ways…

1. Watermelon is made up of over 90% water. Bonus points for hydration!
2. It’s the fruit that brings the party. No summer BBQ is complete with watermelon slices.
3. It’s PINK! Come on, it doesn’t get any more fun than that!
4. Watermelon is full of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and antioxidants. #healthpoints
5. It’s delightfully sweet and refreshing after a hot workout.

This blended margarita is the best of all watermelon worlds. It’s refreshing, spicy, and tasty with a dose of Nuun Hydration! Does it get any better than this? (Hint: No, no it doesn’t.)

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Nuuntini Testing: Orange Nuunarita

Have you ever wondered what sunshine in a glass tastes like? Look no further than our latest Nuun influenced cocktail: The Orange Nuunarita!

This tasty spin on a classic margarita is a great way to treat yourself and replenish after a tough, hot workout. They are simple to make one by one, but also a great treat to make in bulk and serve from a pitcher when entertaining.

Your guests (and taste buds) will thank you!

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Nuuntini Testing: Arnold Palmer

Nothing says summer like an ice-cold lemonade or refreshing iced tea. So,we’re combining the two (Nuun style) for a wicked summer Nuuntini.

The classic Arnold Palmer is a delicious blend of lemonade and iced tea. Ours is prepared “adult style” with a dash of hydration! The Ginger Lemonade Nuun tab brings a sweet citrus finish to this sunshine refreshment. We love the combination with a dark iced black tea and some delicious sweet tea vodka by Firefly Spirits. (What up South Carolina!?)

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Nuuntini Testing: Strawberry Lemonade Wine Spritzer

This month, we’re getting bubbly! April’s Nuuntini features a refreshing Strawberry Lemonade Spritzer, perfect for warmer and sunnier afternoons. We love the sweet combination of Sauvignon Blanc wine with the citrus twist from the club soda and Strawberry Lemonade Nuun.

This cocktail is perfect for kicking back, relaxing AND replenishing after a tough, sweaty workout!

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Nuuntini Testing: Fresh Lime Mojito

The perfect rum cocktail just met its refreshment match! Our Fresh Lime “Nuunjito” is an electrolyte-charged version of the classic mojito.

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Nuuntini Testing: Blackberry Gin Sour

​From New England to Nor Cal, we’ve all seen a couple of sneak peaks of spring weather over the last couple of weeks. We know it might be wishful thinking, but we’re getting in a Spring-time state of mind with our newest Nuuntini.

This spin on the Blackberry Gin Sour is our Nuuntini ode to the warmer, brighter, patio-side days on the distant horizon. While February temperatures might still warrant our warmest puffy vests, you’ll find us daydreaming of shorts weather with a Blackberry Gin Sour in hand.

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Nuuntini Testing: Nuun Spritzer

In keeping with New Years’ resolutions, our latest Nuuntini recipes deliver delicious and refreshing cocktail options without packing in the extra sugar and calories. We’re keeping things light, and extra bubbly with January’s Nuun Spritzer combinations.

At Nuun HQ, you’ll find no shortage of flavored bubbly water. A favorite amongst the crowd is La Croix. We’ve experimented to find our favorite La Croix/Nuun tablet flavor combinations!

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Nuuntini Testing: ​White Grape Cranberry Mimosa

At Nuun we take our bubbles very seriously, which is why we’re crazy about the combination of a bubbling effervescent tablet with a glass of bubbly! The white grape mimosa is our unique take on the traditional mimosa, replacing your regular citrus pop with a sweet, grape twist.

Pop. Fizzle. Clink. Hydrate…

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Nuuntini Testing: ​Apple Cider Moscow Mule

Looking for a unique holiday cocktail with some sneaky hydration perks? Look no further than our Apple Cider Moscow Mule. We love this mix of sweet, spicy and tart all stirred into one delicious holiday nuuntini.

Best served with a dash of cinnamon, a slice of lime, and your ugliest holiday sweater!

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