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Sugars In Sports Drinks

It is no secret that our society has an issue with over-consuming sugar-sweetened beverages, and just an overall consumption of added sugars. The FDA has put forth some new rules to help consumers identify which products contain added sugars. These are sugars that are present in products but are not naturally occurring (for example: fruit has a high amount of natural sugar in the form of fructose; therefore, will not be categorized as added sugars). The new rules include a line in the Nutritional/Supplemental Facts Panel that highlights added sugars making it easier for the consumer to identify which products have high amounts of sugars.

Most of the commercial ready-to-drink sports drink options out there are littered with added sugars, and your body simply doesn't need at that level or concentration. This has led to the low-carb sport drink movements, or what I like to refer to as new age hydration. Because what science has proven over the course of many years, is that sugar does play a role in fluid and nutrient absorption during exercise. Through the years, the amount of fluid to carb to electrolytes has been refined to help maximize the role of those sport drink on your body during exercise. Even the exact ratio of certain types of carbohydrates to fluids have been studied to show what works best for the athlete.

What roles do sugars play in sport drinks?

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10 Tips for An Easy Run Commute

Meet Dave, Lynn, and Paige. Here at Hydration HQ, we encourage each and every nuunie to rethink their driving habits and find alternative forms of transportation. Many of us have run to work at least once, but these three are our most dedicated run-commuters.

We know the first run commute can be a little intimidating, so we asked them to share a few tips to make your first time easier. Follow their tips for a hassle-free commute!

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Best of Vancouver

As our virtual roadtrip comes to a close, we head to Vancouver, BC. Seattle's sister-city to the north, we've always felt right at home in Vancouver and we think it's the perfect spot to end our roadtrip. Taking the wheel is nuun elite triathlete ​Trav Mckenzie. An Aussie transplant, Trav now calls the wet coast home. We'll let him take it from here!


As an athlete, Vancouver is one of the best cities I’ve lived in. With the right wet weather gear (and attitude), you can train here, year round. The ease of access to world class terrain and facilities, it really is an undiscovered Endurance Sports mecca. For visitors, there is also so much to explore, once you’re done working out.

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Fuel Your Best 26.2

Fall marathon racing season has officially kicked off with the Berlin Marathon, and what a race it was! One thing I noticed towards the end of the race was at the last drink station, the leader of the race (Wilson Kipsang) did not grab his bottle. And the runner in second place (Kenenisa Bekele), only a few meters behind him did in fact grab his bottle, took a few sips a zoomed past Wilson for the win. While nearly breaking the world record.

This blog is not intended to break down the Berlin Marathon, but as a sport nutritionist, I can’t help but notice that key tactic employed by Kenenisa, and be proud of it, too! I don’t know what was in his bottle, but an athlete of his caliber most likely is drinking something with a blend of carbohydrates and electrolytes, and the nutrients in that bottle may have given him enough of a nutritional boost to zoom finish the race strong.

Follow these tips before & during your next marathon to race at your best.

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team nuun in kona

​The IRONMAN World Championship coming up this weekend is the most iconic event in triathlon. Entry to the big event in the original home of the IRONMAN distance (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile run) is by qualification only, bringing some of the best professional and amateur athletes in the world to this race.

Racing on the big island is an experience unlike any other. The heat, the humidity, and the wind create a daunting course for an already challenging event, and the buzz of energy emitting from all of the other athletes is absolutely contagious. To be part of the exclusive club to cross the finish line on Ali'i drive is a lifetime achievement that many of these athletes work toward for years and will never forget.

here at hydration hq, we’re excited to cheer on five of our ambassadors in Kona.

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Service, Athletics, Adventure with STRIVE

guest blog by ​Tyler Andrew​s
​nuun ELITE athlete

On August 2nd, I perched on a small boulder some twelve-thousand feet up in the Andes and dipped my barefoot feet into a frigid glacial stream. Paul and Scott - two of my college interns helping me lead my group of high-schoolers through the mountains - joined in for the makeshift ice-bath. Unlike the previous seven weeks, our legs weren’t sore from daily running. No, in stark contrast to the previous seven weeks, we hadn’t run at all that day. We were now encircled by snow-capped mountains, en route to Machu Picchu.

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great wall marathon

Last year, we told you about one of the toughest marathons in the world: The Great Wall Marathon. With steep steps and rapid elevation changes, this is a grueling 26.2. Truly the race of a lifetime. Team Nuun athlete Carla is one of few that has run The Great Wall Marathon and what follows is her account of "the hardest marathon in the world."

What was Facebook trying to tell me? - Suggested post - “Ready for your next challenge? The Great Wall of China: The hardest marathon in the world." Why was this post constantly taunting me? I couldn't login without the "Sign Up Now" button calling...

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best of boston

We're continuing our tour of our favorite cities by heading east to Boston. Jay here, Nuun's local sales guru, to share my favorite spots to run, bike, swim, and work up an appetite. Boston is known for it’s history, it’s hospitals and universities, it’s great seafood, and oh yeah.. it’s wicked passionate sports fans. (No trip to Boston is complete without visiting Fenway - GO SOX!) It’s also home to one of the oldest annual and best-known road races in the world, The Boston Marathon.

The city itself has a huge active community, and attracts athletes all over the world to come and visit the city. Whether you're in town for the marathon or just here to check out what Boston has to offer, these are a few of the many, many spots that you can get that workout in while you’re here.

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Do’s & Don’ts For Your First 26.2

A few months back, you took the plunge and registered for your first marathon. You've been training hard all summer, and now race day is fast approaching. You're excited, but nerves are starting to set in. Take a deep breath and trust your training. You're ready for this.

Follow these do's and don'ts, and you're sure to have a memorable first 26.2!

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muscle cramps

Recently, there’s been a lot of new theories and studies that may help us get to the root cause of muscle cramping. One thing I know for sure is that every athlete (regardless of the level you train and compete at) has, in one way or another, experienced muscle cramping. It is one of those side effects of exercise, of pushing your body to the limit, that I still believe we haven’t solved or found a way to eliminate the onset of muscle cramps during exercise.

There are certain nutritional strategies you can implement to help your body prepare for battle. But before we get into those, we should start with the basics: what are muscle cramps, how do they occur, and why?

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