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Take Comfort in the Discomfort

Take a minute and think back to the last time you tried something for the FIRST time. For many of us, it’s been a while! Do you remember the feelings of being unfamiliar with your environment? Your peers? Your gear? Over time, the gained comfort in our respective sports can lead to blinders of these uncomfortable feelings that we have since overcome. 

During the month of January, the Nuun crew embarked upon a fitness challenge that put each of us back in equal court: The Nuubie Challenge. We challenged each other to return to this place of discomfort and try something completely new. Some have discovered a new-found passion for new sport, and others discovered places that they would never return! All of these experiences were equally valuable and a reminder that we all start somewhere. The challenge was equal parts physical and mental and throughout the month, there were many lessons learned about how to find comfort in the discomfort.

The Kona Supremes teaching the Nuun Crew to mountain bike

As is true for anything in our lives, it is hard to commit to something NEW that isn’t part of our regular routine. Add in the element of discomfort, and it becomes all too easy to blow off said plans/activity. In the initial stages of integrating something new into the mix, it’s incredibly important to set yourself up for success by planning ahead and marking your commitment in your agenda. Treat it like a meeting with yourself, and show up prepared to learn!

If your new challenge activity is in a group environment, it is totally normal to feel like a total outsider amongst others who have this thing DOWN PAT. For this reason, we found power in numbers. Invite a friend with you to try something completely new for the both of you. This way, small blunders and trip ups become a source of giggles and memories rather than spotlight embarrassment.

The physical discomfort of a new activity is a totally different type of barrier. When your body is not acclimated to specific types of movement and exertion, it can become overwhelming and exhausting. The collective opinion from the Nuun crew is to practice breathing through the discomfort rather than “muscle through it”. Finding your breath can regulate your heart rate and calm your mind through challenging pushes. Both of these things will yield more balance and benefit on the other side of your physical challenge.

Lastly, we LOVED the support from groups who knew that we were first timers. We reveled in the “underdog story” and others were thrilled to become our biggest supporters. Sometimes the best way to overcome discomfort is to tackle it head on. Shamelessly sharing fears and discomforts out loud created some of the best cheerleaders along the way. Building off of the positive energy of the people around you has monumental effects in tackling discomfort.

Battling discomfort head on might present some initial hurdles, but the fulfillment on the backside of those hurdles always pay off in the long term!

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