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Your guide to delicious Meatless Monday protein options!

Working protein into your weekly diet/menu doesn’t pose many challenges unless you are looking to minimize meat consumption. Thankfully, there are many options for including a healthy dose of plant-based protein in your meal. Many combinations of legumes and grains create a complete protein profile, so mix it up and keep your protein levels in check!

Here are some of our favorite Meatless Monday options:


The magical fruit! Oh, how we love our beans! Most beans are an excellent source of plant-based protein, but black beans, lentils and chickpeas top our list for biggest protein-bang for your buck! Our favorite way to pull legumes into a meal is by adding a range of beans into crock-pot soups, or as a tasty topping to a salad. Also, black beans work seamlessly into most Mexican dishes where you’d typically cook with chicken or beef. Lentils and chickpeas, on the other hand, work well in spicier cuisine such as Indian or Middle Eastern.


Hate it or love it, tofu is a great protein alternative for meals. The great thing about tofu is that it easily takes on the flavor of whatever it’s being cooked in. Try it marinated (in a sauce of your choice) and grilled to include in a meal like you would BBQ chicken! Or, if you’re not into the “soft spongy stuff,” try tempeh! Tempeh is denser both in texture AND in protein.


Quinoa is often mistaken as a grain, but did you know it’s actually more closely related to spinach than it is rice? Quinoa is also really easy to tie into a Meatless Monday meal. Quinoa bowls can be served up with all of your favorite vegetables and dressings for a tasty, protein-packed meal.


If you’re looking to up your greens for Meatless Monday, look no further! Broccoli is a great way to incorporate both protein and fiber into your meal. When it comes to protein-rich vegetables, you’ve found your winner. Roasting broccoli with olive oil, garlic and a sprinkling of favorite spices is our favorite way to get our green-proteins in!

What are some of your favorite plant-based protein options? Share in the comments below!

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