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Nuun Elites Share Their 2018 Goals

We believe in the continuous search for improvement. And when we need a little motivation, we turn to our Nuun Elite athletes! If you're looking for extra inspiration, check out the goals they're chasing in 2018. Some are familiar faces, some are new to the Nuuniverse, but all are sure to inspire!

Christie Tracy

photo: Erik Binggeser

2018 is going to be exhilarating, exciting, terrifying, and eye-opening all at the same time! My goals for this year are high-reaching, as I graduate from racing local TX races and Master's National Championships to taking on USA Cycling's Pro Road Tour, including several UCI Pro Races. My husband, two dogs, and I will be on the road the majority of 2018 as we travel from one PRT Race to another in support of my ultimate goal for the year, which is racing well enough at these Pro Races to draw some attention, and be signed by a Women's Pro UCI team for the 2019 Race Season. Of course, Nuun will be on the road with us, keeping me hydrated and fueled throughout my year of adventure, from long days of driving cross-country to physically demanding multi-day stage races in the heat of the summer.

Tim Cummings

For the 2018 track season I want to run a personal best in the 3,000m Steeplechase. In addition to running a personal best, I want to qualify for USA Track and Field Outdoor Championships in the same event. Hopefully, by running a PR, I would easily make that happen.

Lindsay Flanagan

My goal for 2018 is to be stay present in the now, both in training and everyday life, and not dwell on the past. I want to start each day with a positive attitude and fresh outlook. This positivity and focus will help me achieve my goal of bettering my marathon PR of 2:29.28. 

Kat Holmes

On a concrete level, I want to be consistently ranked in the top 16 in the world. On a less measurable, but arguably more important level, I want to continue to develop my offensive game, working to push myself out of my comfort zone until it is only uncomfortable for my opponent. 

Mark Leininger

I am happy to be partnering with nuun to help me reach my aspirations for 2018. Over the next year I hope to run in the USA Outdoor Championship for the 10,000 meter distance and qualify for the 2020 Olympic Trials in the marathon. Along with those two major goals I recently joined the New York Athletic Club and plan to represent them at a few major races. Hopefully I will grab some PR's along the way!

Heather Anderson

My goal for 2018 is to do a first and a longest: I'll be attempting to hike over 7k miles thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, and the Continental Divide Trail in one calendar year. This "Calendar Triple Crown" has only been done 3 times before. I'd be the first woman to accomplish it, if I'm successful. It will also require me to be hiking off-season on these trails and to be out in a continuous trip for about 3 times as long as I've ever been out before. It'll be my longest endeavor to date both time and miles wise.

Ashley Brasovan

My first and foremost goal every day is to stay happy, healthy, and loving the sport of running. This is really important to me and helps me to stay focused and ready to achieve time and place-based goals. Going into 2018, I would love to make a world team on the trails (in Long Distance Mountain Running) and lower my marathon best time (2:40) to hit the A standard for the Olympic Trials.

Chris Snobeck

Photo: Nick Courtney

In 2017, I snagged the 3rd ascent of "Saphira," the hardest mixed climb in the US; so naturally, the focus for 2018 is an even harder route in Europe! My training has been more intense and focused than ever, and I'll be headed across the pond in late February to give it a go; if I need more time on it I'll make another trip later in 2018 or early 2019. I'd also like to grow our (me and a few friends) annual winter climbing season celebration and fundraiser, "Unleashed," in Boulder Colorado to something even bigger. Last year we managed to get over 500 people there and raised quite a bit of money for Paradox Sports and SheJumps! This will be our fourth year running, and it's turned into quite the community event!

Danna Herrick

I am excited to keep chasing my goals and living the dream into 2018. I will be focusing on the half marathon distance this spring and will race a fast marathon in the fall. My half marathon schedule will provide me the opportunity to run a fast time in January, race great competition and run for a competitive place in March, and chase the goal of winning my final "A" race in my home state of Iowa in June. My eyes will be set on the return to the marathon in the fall, with the goal of running abroad on a fast course and lowering my current personal best time. Another year of competing at the professional level is a true gift and one that I view as a window of opportunity to inspire others to chase a dream and enjoy the process!

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