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here at hydration hq, we're on a mission to encourage everyone to live a more active life. and we know getting started in a new sport may be a little intimidating (especially as an adult), but it doesn't have to be. so we're sharing how the some of us nuunies got our start in the hopes that we inspire at least a few of you to try something new!

emily, community marketing manager

I was always an active kid and grew up playing team sports: volleyball, basketball, soccer, basically anything that involved a ball. but I never really understood the joy of hitting the trail. I ran to stay in shape, not because I liked it. That all changed a few years ago when I started working at nuun. Working in an office filled with athletes really brought out my competitive side! I started running a few times a week and ran my first half marathon last january. I still play soccer, but now I finally feel like a "real" runner!

Paige, sales project lead

My friend invited me to join her at the Tri for the Cure back in 2012. With only a limited background in running, a slight understanding of how a bike works, and the ability to doggy paddle, I decided to go for it. One dead frog swim, flat tire, and tired, pathetic run later, I was hooked. Less than a year later I did my first full Ironman and am currently training for my second this coming October!

Emma, e-lectrolyte sales and marketing

I (instantly) became a full-time bike commuter in 2015. My car had broken down, and instead of fixing it, I decided to challenge myself by swapping it out for a bike. The first massive hill-climb on the way home had me thinking I had made a huge mistake, but I grew stronger, more confident, and began to know my city intimately. Now I cherish the freedom and built-in exercise, and even take my bike with me on vacations.

Megan, sales project lead

As cliché as it sounds, I got hooked on cycling once I bought my first road bike. After dabbling in Ironman triathlons and ultra running, I decided to stick to my one true love, riding bikes. I wanted to start being active once both my parents were diagnosed with auto immune diseases. Their days of activity were over, but mine were just beginning. From there on out, I wanted to swim, bike, run, hike and do everything I could for those that can’t. I won’t ever take my two good working legs and arms for granted.

Arielle, director of brand management

I participated in sports through childhood, but was relatively inactive once I hit my adult years. In 2009 my sister-in-law convinced me to run my first half marathon and my only goal was to survive it. The finish line endorphins got me and I registered for then ran my first marathon a few months later. 8 years, 3 ironmans, 7 half ironmans, 4 marathons, and 15 half marathons later, I can’t imagine my life without endurance sports. Swimming, cycling, and running is now a huge part of who I am, and makes me feel like I can accomplish anything!

Laura, customer support specialist

I got into running because I needed a way to unplug from work stress. I would lace up my shoes (that I later found were a whole size too small!), grab a key, and start running from my front door. My running time became (and continues to be) a time for me to breathe, think, and be a break away from a busy life.

Lisa, vice president of marketing

I started exercising after college (until then I was a bookworm/couch potato), doing stairmasters and step classes (it was the ‘90’s!), and sometimes running. I never felt like an athlete though. I was a slow runner and had a negative self-loop. It didn’t change until my late 20s when a runners world editor came to our offices and ran with us at lunch. She told me ‘maybe you're not slow, you're just built for endurance. why not try a half marathon?” I ramped up from 5 to 13.1 miles in the next 3 months and ran my first 26.2 7 months after that. The mental shift from ‘I’m a slow runner’ to ‘I’m a distance runner’ made a huge difference to me emotionally. I no longer felt like an imposter – I felt like an athlete. I have often wished I knew her name so I could thank her!

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