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Tips for keeping healthy on the road – with Emily Schromm

As someone who spends a lot of time on the road, I know the importance of making better decisions and implementing guidelines to stay healthy when I travel. The last thing I want is a vacation from my vacation, and I am a happier & healthier human when I make those smart decisions! It doesn't have to be hard and in fact, it can actually become a really fun way to get creative, try new things, and workout in ways you wouldn't try at home!

Here are a few ways I keep on top of my health and fitness while on the road that I would love for you to try:

1. The day one rule

My first rule is that I MUST be active within the first day of landing at my destination! If I wait, it just won’t happen.

2. Bring your reminder

The one thing you bring on all your trips that is the reminder you are taking care of yourself. A water bottle works great. Even taking your B-vitamin or supplements, or Nuun is a great way to remind yourself that no matter what, you will always do your best at making good decisions on the road. Even if everything else goes wrong, you at least did one thing for yourself that day!

3. Movement vs Workout

No time to work out that day? Challenge yourself to extra steps on your Apple watch (examples: take the stairs or walk through town instead of calling an Uber). It also helps to look up bodyweight exercises ahead of time so you can work out right in your hotel room. I actually invented my EmPack in a hotel room because I was bored of the hotel gym and wanted to lift. It's a fully-functional backpack so it's perfect for travel, and the reservoirs make it easy to fill it up with water from your hotel sink (or the ocean!) and get strong without needing a full gym.

4. No workout? You’ve gotta stretch that night

An object in motion STAYS in motion, and just actively stretching your body, doing yoga, or putting legs up a wall can trigger you to start doing more with your body.

5. Pre-plan

In addition to your reminder, be sure to pack snacks, supplements and anything else you use daily when you're home so you're not as tempted to grab something from the hotel convenience store. Pre-planning is also critical for meals-- if you know you'll be eating out, research restaurants in the area so you can find healthy options on their menu ahead of time.

Happy, healthy travels!

Emily Schromm

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