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how to do a sweat test

we know you understand the importance of staying hydrated, especially now that summer is here. but it can be tough to know how much fluid you need. too much fluid during a workout can lead to stomach issues, and too little can lead to dehydration. fortunately, there's a simple test you can run to help you create a hydration plan!

follow these easy steps to calculate your sweat rate:

step 1: weigh yourself (nude) before your workout. measure in pounds.

step 2: go for a 60 minute run or ride, and don't consume any fluids.

step 3: weigh yourself again (nude) after you workout. measure in pounds.

Each pound lost while exercising is equal to 16 fluid ounces lost through sweat, and is equal to your hourly sweat rate. When exercising, you want to replace roughly half your sweat rate to maintain proper hydration.

Your sweat rate can vary throughout the year, based on changes in your fitness level, the intensity of the workout, and environmental conditions. we recommend conducting a sweat test a few times each year under different conditions to get a better sense of what your body needs. And as always, continue to listen to your body and be ready to adjust.

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hi karthic, great job working up a sweat! yes, under conditions similar to yesterday’s sweat test, you’ll want to consume roughly 26 fluid oz per hour (give or take a few ounces).

Hi, I did sweat test today and lost 3.31 pounds during one hour I ran without fluids. Does that mean I need to hydrate 26 oz of fluid/ hour

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