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We had so much fun during Flywheel's Tour de Fly that we want everyone to byob to spin class! (...bring your own best. what did you think we meant?) 

if you've attended an indoor spin class, you know the physical demands can be very different than a run or casual ride. classes are typically 45-60 minutes, the studio is rarely air conditioned, and you're riding your bike at a high intensity. the right fuel and hydration strategy is key to success!

before class

  • Drink 12-16 oz of nuun electrolytes 30-60 minutes before the class to help top off your electrolytes stores, provide your muscles with the nutrients they need to meet the demands of the class. 
  • For morning classes, eat a snack roughly 30 minutes beforehand. If the class is really early, try a couple pieces of fruit and wash it down with some nuun but be careful not to drink too much too close to class. A small amount of food will help break your overnight fast and provide your body with the energy it needs.
  • For evening classes, try to eat about an hour beforehand. A granola bar or some veggies with hummus are both great options.
  • Remember to hydrate all day. If you start class in a dehydrated state, it's difficult to come back from. 

during class

  • Water won't cut it, so make sure you have nuun (electrolytes or performance) in your bottle. you typically don't need carbs for activities under 90 minutes, but spin class is a high intensity workout and the extra carbs could help. either electrolytes or performance will work well, it's a matter of preference.
  • Eating during class is NOT necessary. Yes, you're working hard, but your focus in class should be hydration not fuel.
  • Consider drinking a bit more than normal. The class is indoors and the studio can be warm, so your sweat rate will be higher.

post class

  • Don't consume anything immediately after class. Give your body a few minutes to start it's natural repair process.
  • Rehydrate slowly. Chugging a bunch of nuun after class and then calling it quits won't help your body fully recover. Continue to rehydrate throughout the day to refuel and repair your muscles.
  • Don’t forget electrolytes! Water alone is not enough. Drink 1-2 bottles of nuun electrolytes following class, then switch to lower electrolyte products like nuun vitamins to maintain hydration throughout the day.
  • Eat after class. Your body uses fuel during the workout, and it's important to have a light snack or protein drink within 30 minutes of class. Follow it with a healthy meal one hour later (90 minutes after class).

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