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​Hydrating in the Heat

As the summer heats up, it’s more important than ever to prep for proper hydration. There are many ways that you can set yourself up for success when it comes to working out in the increasingly hot outdoors. Plan ahead this summer with some of our pointers below! Serious workout + Outdoor heat + Hydration prep = Good sweaty vibes!

Manage your body temperature

This is the #1 pointer to heated workout success. The dreaded bonk happens when your body is undergoing stress and your core temperature is rising to the challenge at an unsustainable rate. To help manage your core body temperature to make sure to 1. dress appropriately (find gear with breathable, wicking fabric) 2. Run/ride on the shady side of the road when possible 3. Take regular drink stops to fully cool down and re-hydrate.

Keep an eye on your hydration

During your bio-breaks throughout the day, take note of the color of your urine. This is a great indicator of how hydrated you are. The goal is to aim for a pale lemonade color. Too dark = your body needs for fluids. Clear = Your body isn’t properly absorbing the fluid that you’re consuming (hint: Nuun helps with fluid absorption!).

Stay hydrated all day long

Setting yourself up for hydration success does not amount to chugging water an hour before your workout. Your body needs a constant flow of fluids, so it’s best to put good habits in place to make sure that you’re keeping up with your hydration all day long.

Think a day ahead

If tomorrow’s workout looks particularly long or intense, make sure that your electrolyte stores are well stocked the day before. This could include drinking an additional 1-3 tabs of Nuun over the course of the day. Alternatively, you can experiment with hyper-hydration (read more here) and add 6x the Nuun Electrolytes strength to your water!

Eat your way to hydrated

Well, not literally…but certain foods definitely help! Fruits and vegetables (like watermelon, cucumbers, oranges, for example) have a high water content that can contribute to overall hydration and prevent overindulgence of other unhealthy ingredients that can counteract a solid hydration plan.

Be aware of the signs

If you’re experiencing any of the more outward signs of dehydration (nausea, chills, headaches), it might be wise to take the day off from your planned workout and get your body back to hydrated. All of the above are all signs of heat related illness and should be taken very seriously rather than trying to “push through”.

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