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​Having fun with hydration: Keeping your kids healthy and hydrated

Staying properly hydrated is important no matter what your shape or size, even if you’re a pint-sized peanut! Most kids don’t recognize the signs of dehydration, so it’s important to keep fluids available and abundant to make sure they can rehydrate all day long. Finding ways to keep your kids excited about hydration can be tough, so we’ve put together some helpful tips to make hydration more fun!

And yes! Our products are kid-friendly made with plant-base ingredients and low amounts of sugar. A handful of our products DO contain caffeine, which Nuun does not recommended for kids.

1. “The cup”

Go shopping with your kids and let them pick out their absolute favorite cup on the shelf. Designate THIS cup for hydration only (water or water + Nuun). That way, they’re more likely to ask for healthy, hydrating fluids if they know they can use their coveted cup in the pantry.

2. Add flavor

Nuun Hydration products come in so many fun flavors, most of which are kid friendly (keep an eye out to avoid our caffeine products when serving to children). This is a great way to create excitement around drinking water without adding too much sugar to your child’s everyday diet.

3. Make a game out of it

The same way that you create a routine for meal-time or getting out the door, integrating some fun incentives can keep the good habits flowing. Some fun ideas include: 

  • In the car or at home, everyone takes a sip of water/Nuun whenever your kid’s favorite song says a certain word/phrase. 
  • Keep a chart on the refrigerator where your kids can keep track of how many cups of water they’ve had.Turn it into a family competition!

4. Nuun popsicles

Triple strength your Nuun (16 oz. water + 3 tablets of your favorite flavor) and add to popsicle molds. This creates a fun frozen treat with hydrating benefits that your kids won’t be able to resist!

5. Make fluids accessible

Keep a refill station at “kid height”. This way, they won’t have to rely on you whenever they want a refill! 

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We appreciate your feedback, Robert, and we’ll make sure it’s heard by the rest of our team.

I see the “Energy” on the label now.  Sorry for the confusion on my part.  I think the company Nuun could make easier for new customers to ascertain what is and what isn’t caffeinated.  Have a nice day.

With regard to caffeine contents - Please be advised; these flavors are not easily identified by the word “energy.”  In addition, the only place to find the word caffeine is on the fine print located on the package label.  Also note, the photograph above of two young children wowed over a box of all the different flavors - including the flavors containing caffeine!

Hi Robert, you are correct. As mentioned above, a handful of our flavors contain green tea extract. These flavors can be easily identified by the word “Energy” and caffeine on the label. The rest of our flavors do not contain caffeine and their ingredients are kid-friendly.

Please be aware that some flavors have green leaf tea caffeine in them!  This may not be advisable for child use.

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