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Kona Ironman World Championship

Our week in Kona for the World Championships of Ironman has come and gone, but the memories and the impact we made there remain strong! [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="225" caption="Our Nuun booth, busy right from the start!"][/caption] We had a great showing of athletes and team from all over the country and the world. Upon arriving we set up our space in the K-Swiss side of the Expo and our impact was immediate. With warm temperatures and lots of activities and athletes to attract people to the main stage, we were at the ready right across the way to re-hydrate all of the pros, age-groupers, and spectators who were wandering around checking out the latest gear. We sampled all of the flavors over the 5 days we were out there and had a very successful tattoo campaign. When someone wanted a bottle we asked if they would put a tattoo on right there in the booth to get their bottle. Then, every morning we took Nuun hats, t-shirts, and visors to the swim pier. If someone had a tattoo they got a piece of gear, of not we directed them back to our booth in the expo to get a tattoo! After two days people were just asking for the tattoos because they saw them EVERYWHERE and they thought they looked cool! It was great and we were able to get over 500 tattoos onto people not just in their pocket, and the gear we gave out came with an opportunity to talk to them about the product. Mission #1 accomplished. [caption id="attachment_1162" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="A newlywed couple celebrates in their underpants, we love the tattoos! wink"]Family fun at the Underpants Run!
[/caption] Mission #2 came later in the week, and required some creativity... We got all gussied up and went for a run...in our underpants!! The Kona Underpants Run is a time honored tradition that was started in 1997. The run has grown into an underground cult event that not only raises awareness about "proper public attire" and "courteous behavior" wink but raises money for the local Special Olympics chapter. The “entry fee” is optional and every cent goes to West Hawaii Special Olympics, so we even bought some gear that read, "Got Pants?" It was for a good cause, how could we NOT!?? Check out the 'oath' that you have to take before the run begins: I STATE YOUR NAME SOLEMNLY SWEAR THAT I WILL RESIST THE TEMPTATION TO WEAR THE EVIL GARMENT KNOWN COMMONLY AS: TOGS, SCUNGIES, BUN HUGGERS, PLUM SMUGGLERS, BANANA HAMMOCKS, CRACK SPLITTERS, BUTT FLOSS, SPEEDOS, ETC., ETC., ETC. OUT SIDE OF SWIMMING OR RACING. I FURTHER PROMISE TO UPHOLD THE SANCTITY OF THE LOCAL’S HOME OF WHICH I AM A GUEST BY FREQUENTING PUBLIC PLACES IN PROPER ATTIRE, OBEYING TRAFFIC LAWS, AND BEING COURTEOUS AT ALL TIMES. THIS I PLEDGE AS AN IRONMAN – VETERAN, 1ST TIMER, OR WANNABE.   [caption id="attachment_1164" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Julie Dibens on the main stage staying hydrated"][/caption] As race day approached we became even more busy at the Expo, and Wednesday was the official parade and 'opening' of the expo area. There were huge crowds right after the parade and then the programming on the main stage right across from our booth began. All in all, the K-Swiss crew did a great job of making their expo and the programming dynamic as well as representing all of their partners, Nuun included! We had great signage right on the main stage, check out the logo right behind Julie! Over the next few days there were many different topics and panels on the stage, but I think the favorite was when they brought up some of the more well know couples in triathlon and played the 'newlywed' game with them! Embarrassing questions and much laughter were had! Our girl, Julie Dibens was on stage next with other pros talking about their race preparations while she stayed hydrated, Nuun bottle in hand. She talked briefly about electrolyte replacement and gave us a shout out after her visit to the booth to say hello. [caption id="attachment_1165" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="John decides to be the Nuun mannequin"][/caption] Toward the end of the week as the expo attendance dwindled (as were our Nuun supplies!) we decided to take a better look around the expo at the other sponsors. This is when we discovered the Aquasphere booth and the GIGANTIC Mannequin. Our helper John, who is 6'6" had just gone for a ride on the Queen K, and made a trip to the 'world famous' Lava Java to pass out singles in full Nuun gear. He decided that he should be OUR mannequin. The Aquasphere guys thought this was hilarious and in talking to them about what they were up to this year, we got ourselves entered into their mini-triathlon competition as a Nuun Team! We didn't win the overall, but our fearless leader (and former collegiate swimmer) Kimberly posted the fastest swim time of the week! She credited 100% of her performance to Strawberry Lemonade Nuun. wink [caption id="attachment_1153" align="alignleft" width="232" caption="Leanda looking amazing on her way out to the Queen K and an eventual 3rd place OA."][/caption] Before we knew it, it was race morning! Our final Mission, #3 was to capture good photos of our athletes. We got up bright and early to hang our Nuun banner on the course and set up our spot for catching the action on the run. Then we made our way down to the swim start to see the cannon go off. Before long Julie Dibens was rocketing by on the run as the first woman off the bike with a split time that would have been the bike-course record for women. Unfortunately we never saw Julie come back by us on the turnaround and we later heard that she had dropped out. After talking to her this week, it sounds like that was a good decision. It turns out she had a broken metatarsal bone in her foot! Regardless, we were super proud of her and her effort on the day. That is the crazy thing about triathlon, there are so many parts and pieces to get right for everything to go well. After only a few more of the ladies went by, we saw our other Nuun athlete Leanda Cave speed by. She was looking tough and determined but we still got a smile! wink As she made her way out to the Energy Lab at the far turnaround of the run course we got word that the temperature on the pavement out there was 130 degree! [caption id="attachment_1137" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Leanda claimes her UMEKE for 3rd place!"][/caption]               It had been rainy and overcast the entire week and the fear had been that it would be the first ever Kona IM with rain. However, things cleared off just in time, but there was almost no wind! Totally uncharacteristic for this course, it make it fast and HOT out there! After it was all over there was a men's course record and so may PRs at the IM distance and for this course, we couldn't keep track! It was a great day out there for Leanda and we were proud to watch her climb the main stage to receive her MANEKE for 3rd place Pro Woman. [caption id="attachment_1155" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Kimberly with Leanda and "Rinny""][/caption]   After the awards Kimberly was able to catch up with Leanda to congratulate her as well as Mirinda Carfrae the 2nd place finisher and all around awesome lady. It was a great week with many great moments for Nuun at the expo, the pier, and Lava Java. What stands out the most is connecting with the athletes and being able to support them as they give their everything in the pursuit of their best performance is always an honor. We are extremely proud of all of our athletes who raced in Kona this year, congrats to all of our Nuun ambassadors out there from the "Nuun Team" at HQ.

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