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Maor’s Post-Olympic Comedown

by Maor Tiyouri

It is still pretty surreal for me to think that I was actually there; that I got to race in the Olympic Games and represent my country; that I had my biggest dream come true…Being part of the Israeli Olympic team to Rio was an experience of a lifetime.

After taking a much needed break from it all; spending time with my family and my friends back in Israel, not thinking about goals, miles, times or how many hours of sleep I got, I have decided it is time to get back to my routine and return back to Boulder.

Little did I know, that getting back to training would be very difficult; mentally, physically and emotionally. It was then, when realized I am going through what the professionals call the post-Olympic comedown, or in my words: Post Olympic Stress Disorder. Life felt unpleasant and uncomfortable for a while, and a bit empty.

I believe this feeling had a few contributors to it. The most obvious one is the returning to normal life ‘off stage’; away from all the events and the media and realizing that life goes on. The other reason, more individual one, I believe was related to my individual Olympic quest which involved taking big risks and putting all my eggs in one basket. In a span of 3 months I qualified for the Olympic Games as well as actually competed in them. Although, they were the happiest months in my life, they have taken a toll on me emotionally and mentally more than I realized.

Realizing that those were the feelings I was going through, I took a multi-dimensional approach in order to overcome them and return to normal life. First of all I decided I needed to identify new running goals and focus on them; taking each race at the time and refocusing my energy to help me move forward. Secondly, now that I have a bit more mental space vacant, I am going to explore other areas in my life in conjunction with running.

I believe focusing on those two things is going to benefit me greatly and help me move forward and grow myself as an athlete and as a person in the next few years. 

Maor is one of the incredible athletes on Team Nuun. She competed in her first Olympics this past August on Team Israel. She qualified for the team at the Ottawa Marathon, her first ever marathon, and completed her second marathon ever in Rio.

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