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Marathons Around the World

You may have heard of the World Marathon Majors, but what about these challenging courses from around the world? These marathons around the world force you to test your limits. Are any of them on your bucket list?

Great Wall Marathon

5,164 historic steps and steep elevation changes make this an intense course. Many runners even climb the steps on all fours! The current records for the course are 3:09:18 (set by Jorge Maravilla, Dimitris Theodorakakos and Jonathan Wyatt, who crossed the finish line together in 2013) and 3:32:12 (Silvia Serafini, 2013).

photo: carla parsons

Petra Desert Marathon

The dry heat and a steep hill in the back half make this marathon challenging to navigate. Proper hydration and nutrition are key to crossing the finish line! The course records are 3:15:03 (men) and 4:06:49 (women).

Photo: marathon-photos.com

North Pole Marathon

Dubbed the "coolest" marathon in the world, temperatures range from -10 to -35 celsius! First held in 2003, the current records for the course are 3:36:10 (Thomas Maguire, 2007) and 4:52:45 (Anne-Marie Flammersfeld, 2014).

Photo: icpress.cn

Antarctic Ice Marathon

This marathon is held in the "last frontier" and not even penguins live this far south! This race is a must for any adventurous marathoner's bucket list. The current course records are 4:36:53 (Miles Cudmore, 2009) and 5:03:48 (Kirsi Montonen, 2009). 

Photo: icemarathon.com

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