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Meet Nuun’s 2012 Hood To Coast Team

  Last year the ladies on the Nuun Hood to Coast team - along with the Nuun staffers - shared lots of laughs, many miles, even more tweets, and formed some lifelong friendships in the process. The experience was one of a lifetime for everyone, and this year we've added on a third team to triple the fun. Reviewing all of the amazing candidates was an honor. It was no easy task to select our team because every applicant was so deserving. However, after hours of viewing and thoughtful consideration, here are the ladies who will be joining us in 2012. The list of 30 team members and 6 alternates are in no specific order. Be sure to check out their blogs, congratulate them and wish them happy miles! We are truly so excited to introduce this year’s Nuun-fanatic, all female blogger team for Hood to Coast 2012. All 6 vans will be part of Team AfterNuun Delight. Welcome to the Nuun family, ladies! Team Amanda  - Runninghood Caroline – Canadian Runner in Exile Corey – Schnoodles of Fun Dorothy – Mile Posts Elizabeth – Running For Bling Emily – Sweat Once a Day Harmony – Keep on Keeping On Jennifer – The Fit Fork Jess – Blonde Ponytail Jessica – Pace of Me Jocelyn – Enthusiastic Runner Katie – Katie RUNS This Kelly – According to Kelly Kelsey – The Go Girl Blog Laura– Camping Out In America Lauren – Health on the Run Lindsay – Lindsay On The Go Molly – Mollyberries’ Hodge Podge Ricole Runs – Ricole Runs Robyn  - run pretty run fast Sarah – Once Upon a (L)ime Sarah – Running Starfish Stephanie – Epicurious Runner Susan – Nurse on the Run Tiffany – Heavy Medal Tricia - Tricia Minnick Tonia – Racing With Babes XLMIC – Taking It On Vanessa – Gourmet Runner Zoe – run, zoe, run!   Alternates Andrea Ste Marie – The MF Dre Jess McMullin – Run with Jess Katie McFarland – mom’s little running buddy Kayte McNulty – Long Legs on the Loose Krissy Murphy – Shiawase Life Meggie Smith – The Thinks I Can Think    

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[...] to run Ragnar Relay Wasatch Back with Nuun Hydration! I was lucky enough to land a spot on one of Nuun’s 2012 Hood to Coast teams and I’m so excited to have a chance to reunite with a couple of my former teammates and meet [...]

[...] to run Ragnar Relay Wasatch Back with Nuun Hydration! I was lucky enough to land a spot on one of Nuun’s 2012 Hood to Coast teams and I’m so excited to have a chance to reunite with a couple of my former teammates and meet [...]

[...] goal #3) stay motivated and finish IMLT. FAIL! My friend decided to back out of IMLT.  5-Get on the Nuun Hood To Coast team. DONE! I never dreamt that this goal would become a reality. But it did!! 6-Be an AWESOME Ragnar [...]

[...] And then I wasn’t chosen. I knew I should have spent a little more time on it and turned it in last minute like the original plan. [...]

[...] This giveaway is now closed. But the review is still worth reading.  See who won. Well, a lot of us 2012 Nuun Hood to Coasters have been reviewing and giving away ShowerPill Athletic Body Wipes recently. If you didn’t [...]

[...] didn’t get a slot this year. So the real motivation for starting the blog is to get on the NUUN Hood to Coast Team and their only requirement for applying is you have a running [...]

[...] talked a little at the end of class as well. I said that I was going to try and get on the Nuun Hood To Coast team this year and He said GO FOR [...]

[...] high elevation rides. 4-Help my friend (from goal #3) stay motivated and finish IMLT. 5-Get on the Nuun HTC team. 6-Be an AWESOME Ragnar Ambassador. 7-PR my fall marathon. My weakness is running. When I say [...]

[...] living in NYC and starting this blog, to find people to run with. I mostly owe this to Susan (& Nuun) for introducing me to other [...]

[...] Nope. I don’t think I would have run a Sub-4 Marathon if it weren’t for the people at Nuun & the other runners I met at Hood to Coast. Everything about running with Team Nuun is inspiring – the people, [...]

[...] change and all) and so was just returning from dinner with the hubs when I received a text from my nuun-mate, Kelsey: [...]

[...] will make or break a relay.  And my team made this relay.  Nuun, you did a great job picking some amazing ladies. Look how fun we are!  Van 1 Team Night [...]

[...]  Yeah… well… that didn’t work out. :/  But you can check out the lucky 36 girls HERE.   yesterday I was super sad about not making the team. (yes, I cried. a few times. don’t [...]

[...] was a HUGE bummer since I was getting ready to go for a run with the NuunHTC ladies! I was able to chat with a few of them and if you think you are missing out by not being a [...]

[...] HUGE POSITIVE NOTE, I will see you all on the flip side as I head out to Seattle/Portland to run Hood to Coast with Nuun tonight!! #boomshakalaka     Cancel [...]

[...] blogger friends, Kim and Alma.  Wednesday, I meet 35 other ladies that I have been stalking since the team announcements in the Spring (side note-I haven’t met anyone in person that is running with NUUN) and get to hang with a very [...]

[...] all. I’ll be joining 29 other wonderful bloggers, along with the team at Nuun, so make sure to check out their blogs and cheer them along, too. And stay tuned for a recap once I return to hear about the friendships [...]

[...] today I will be hanging out in Seattle, with my favorite hydration company, getting to know some amazing bloggers. And one week from tomorrow, I will be running down Mt. Hood, participating in the “Mother [...]

[...] However I promise I’ll be stalking following all the adventures of Team AfterNuun Delight right here. And I cannot wait to re-apply for the squad next [...]

[...] enthusiasticrunner on August 8, 2012   With Hood to Coast just two weeks away, I thought it would be a good time to joint down my packing list. Since this [...]

[...] new to this blog let me get you caught-up.  I’m running Hood to Coast this year on this team.  (Okay I promise more info on the actual team I’m on and the actual legs I’m running [...]

[...] its first birthday, I am on the cusp of  flying out West to run the Hood-to-Coast Relay with Team Nuun and getting to meet 36 amazing women runners and [...]

[...] love/hate relationship with blogging. I LOVE the friends that I have made through blogging and the opportunities that I have had, but when it comes to actually sitting down and thinking of something to write [...]

[...] is definitely coming with me for the Hood to Coast Relay.  Last year, leg 7 was 90*. [...]

[...] Nuun’s announcement of the Hood to Coast Team in April, I  have thought about the race approximately 1,963,047,850 times. This is truly not an [...]

[...] a lot of us 2012 Nuun Hood to Coasters have been reviewing and giving away ShowerPill Athletic Body Wipes recently. If you didn’t [...]

[...] trucks, music, massage tables (thank you Massage Envy)!  Bonus, I also got to meet one of my Team AfterNuunDelight teammates for Hood to Coast- Caroline – great meeting [...]

[...] to fun-run the 5k! Another bonus – this will be my first two-a-day to start preparing for Hood-to-Coast in August! With a warm-up (and the morning run), we should finish with 10 miles on the day.     [...]

[...] race of 9+1. BOOM) - TriFitness Sprint Triathlon: June 10th - Fairfield Half Marathon: June 24th - Hood to Coast Relay with Nuun: August [...]

[...] the Nuun Hood to Coast announcement, I was contacted by a nice person from ShowerPill who asked if I would like to review their [...]

[...] fun and excitement I found out I get to run some fun races!!!!  I was selected to run on the Nuun blogging team for Hood to Coast and my group was selected to run to run the Nike Women’s Marathon in [...]

[...] heart was broken last week when I learned that I would not being on the Nuun Hood to Coast team. I tried really hard to not be too sad, but I really was so sad. I wanted to having a crazy [...]

[...] favorite moments from April. {Finding Homie Beach} {Applying and Making the Alternate Team for Team AfterNuun Delight} {Date Night at the Lakers Game} {First Attempt at an Ombre Cake} {Running Boston Marathon [...]

[...] year . . . maybe my decade. Drumroll please . . .  I will joining the exclusive all-female blogger Team Nuun to run the famous Hood to Coast Relay at the end of August 2012. As the largest (not to be confused [...]

[...] last week’s exciting announcement, I found myself more engrossed in social media than ever. I wanted to “get to know” [...]

[...] congrats to the Nuun hood-to-coast relay runners. this relay is going on my bucket list [...]

[...] thanks” email from Nuun. That was an unfun moment. And then I got back to my desk, read the official team announcement on the Nuun website and that’s where the real unfun [...]

Congrats to all! You are phenomenal and can’t wait to read all about it! smile

[...] before the other rides so there is little likelihood I will run into them. And if you saw, my new Nuun HTC teammate, Katie’s, blog post yesterday, you know that Greenville is so I shouldn’t have any [...]

[...] finding out that I wouldn’t be running with these ladies in August, this week has turned out to be a decidedly glass-half-full kind of [...]

[...] NUUN announced their relay teams for the 2012 Hood to Coast and I was selected!  I’m not going to lie I just sat at my desk [...]

[...] I wasn’t selected for Nuun’s HTC team. I should be bummed, but just looking at the list of women who were selected justifies it. They are all extremely inspirational and amazing ladies and I [...]

[...] runners and ridiculously creative bloggers to run the Hood to Coast relay this August as part of Team AfterNuun Delight. SO FUN! Since reading all of the recaps from these girls after Ragnar Relay So Cal this past [...]

[...] of all, I want to say that I am very excited, shocked, and honored to be able to run on the Nuun Hood to Coast Team this year! I knew that the competition was going to be “fierce”, so I tried to come up [...]

[...] the post-Boston fever and selection of the 2012 Nuun Hood to Coast Team has really made me get excited about some post-pregnancy goals. I have decided that post-baby (once [...]

[...] NEWS: I was selected for Nuun’s 2012 Hood to Coast Team!!! HEYO!!  The big announcement came at 2PM PST yesterday and as soon as I clicked on their site [...]

[...] I’m super stoked to be representing Nuun again this year.  You can find the full list of bloggers HERE. [...]

[...] social media world full of excitement with news about Nuun’s Hood-to-Coast Relay Announcement yesterday at Noon PST. It has been much anticipated (and nerve-wracking) over the last two weeks by [...]

[...] I purposely timed this so that it would coincide with the announcement of the 2012 nuun Hood to Coast team.  Congrats to all the ladies that made it on the team this year, watch the movie and get yourself [...]

[...] And, to really bring the taper week excitement to a  sky high level, I found out yesterday at Nuun PDT that I’ll be heading back to the West Coast this August for more Hood to Coast Relay fun with Team Nuun. [...]

[...] To check out who else got picked click HERE [...]

[...] of fitting to post this the day of the Nuun Hood to Coast announcement.  Thank you all for your nice words and watching that silly video I made a billion times.  I’m [...]

Congratulations to everyone on the 2012 team! I cannot wait to watch it all unfold from the other side!

thank you so picking me!!!!!!

I’m pumped! An alternate is still part of the team!  I’m training so I can support if need be!  Congrats to everyone!

Congrats, everyone! This is such an awesome group of ladies… I can’t wait to follow along and hear all about it!

I’m thrilled to be on this list - even as an ALT!  This is an amazingly talented and CREATIVE group of runners!

Congrats girls!!!!  So super excited for all of you.  I’m not giving up on this dream yet.  I’ll keep trying.

Congrats girls!  Can’t wait to read all the recaps smile  Have fun!

Thanks Michelle! Stay in touch and we’ll definitely let you know. 6 vans will be a LOT of work so we may need to call on some extra assistance. grin

If you need local volunteers would be honored to help!  smile

[...] Here is the posting of all members and alternates…I am so honored to be considered an alternate for this exciting event, and will definitely post updates as they come… [...]

Congratulations ladies!! You are going to have the time of your lives smile

Congrats ladies… you all rock and can’t wait to read all about the journey!

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