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Meet our 2011 Hood To Coast Lady Bloggers

For those of you who don’t know- there is running and then there is Relay Running. This ‘hipster cousin’ of the running world is rapidly gaining in popularity. The Hood to Coast Relay is one of the most highly sought after entries out there. What more could you ask for than stunning scenery, sweaty people in a van together for 24 hours, running in the dark with a headlamp and head-to-toe reflectors, tomfoolery galore (and maybe some singing?) before a dramatic finish on Oregon coast, and a giant party on the beach all with your new friends at Nuun? Not much we think. So, what did we decide to do? We asked our friends and fans who were female runners and who happened to have a blog to send us a ‘creative’ application of their choosing in order to make the team. We instantly started receiving a veritable landslide of applications and boy were they creative! We have had an amazing time pouring over everything- and then- we came to the realization that we just couldn’t narrow it down. We had to have two teams! Each of the teams are comprised of 2 Nuun employees and 10 amazing ladies who will represent Nuun and the blog-o-sphere together on August 26th-27th. So, after careful consideration please meet the group of fantastic ladies who are ready to take on the most iconic relay in the country. The list of our 20 bloggers and 6 alternates is in no particular order, and they are so amazing and dynamic that we wanted to share their blogs with all of you. Check them out!
  1. Congrats to the Team!
  2. Alanna: running42km.blogspot.com
  3. Alyssa: diaryofanaveragerunner.blogspot.com
  4. Carrie: www.team-sparkle.com
  5. Dorothy: mile-posts.com
  6. Emily: sweatonceaday.com
  7. Harmony: harmlove.blogspot.com
  8. Jess: www.blondeponytail.com
  9. Jocelyn: enthusiasticrunner.com
  10. Kelly: www.team-sparkle.com
  11. Kerrie: momvsmarathon.blogspot.com
  12. Lauren: healthontherun.net
  13. Lisa: lisasepiphany.blogspot.com
  14. Margot: thefasterbunny.blogspot.com
  15. Megan: justrunmego.blogspot.com
  16. Mel: tallmomontherun.com
  17. Melody: www.willrunformargaritas.com
  18. Susan: susanruns.com
  19. Tonia: racingwithbabes.blogspot.com
  20. Tricia: enduranceisntonlyphysical.com
  21. XLMIC: didyougetanyofthat.blogspot.com
  1. Alternates
  2. Michelle: mymagicbean.blogspot.com
  3. Christy: dirtroadrunner.blogspot.com
  4. Sloan: thesolesearch.wordpress.com
  5. Lindsey: tri-lindsayonthego.blogspot.com
  6. Jill: jillwillrun.com
  7. Phoebe: phoebevg.blogspot.com

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[...] summer with my friend Tricia, she was giving me the lowdown on her training for Hood to Coast with several lady bloggers. Her hydration method of choice: Nuun. Packed with the electrolytes you need without the sugar you [...]

[...] You may or may not know that I was on one of those teams that ran Hood To Coast last year. [...]

[...] summer with my friend Tricia, she was giving me the lowdown on her training for Hood to Coast with several lady bloggers. Her hydration method of choice: Nuun. Packed with the electrolytes you need without the sugar you [...]

[...] first runner to be featured is Susan from the NUUN Hood to Coast Team! She is an amazing runner (just PR-ed at the Twin Cities Marathon) and she writes one of my [...]

[...] my posts have been nuun-related.  Not only am I super excited about running Hood to Coast on Team nuun, I’m also in love with the product {strawberry lemonade  lemon tea & citrus [...]

[...] Dorothy is a fantastic runner and mom of 3! She recently ran the Hood to Coast Relay as part of the After-Nuun Delight team. Yea, she’s a stud! I hope you enjoy her [...]

Great news for all you mother runners out there. Nuun is sponsoring, Another Mother Runner Radio, http://anothermotherrunner.com/amr-radio/. Episode Aug. 25 is all about tips and lists for running relays, which is so helpful for first timers. They interview Hood to Coast teammate, Carrie Lundell of the Afternuun Delight team. It’s a great show!

[...] nuun agreed. yesterday they announced that carrie & i would be joining 18 other amazing bloggers & 6 alternates to run what is [...]

[...] I was selected as an alternate for the nuun Hood To Coast Relay Teams. [...]

[...] this week they announced that kelly & i have made one of two nuun relay teams!  We will be joining 18 other amazing [...]

[...] In good-let’s-not-talk-anymore-about-being-sick news: I made Nuun’s Hood to Coast team! [...]

[...] To Sleep June 23, 2011   by enthusiasticrunner   After finding out yesterday that I am on the Nuun Hood to Coast Team, I was shaking! I can’t believe this is happening!  It was very hard to fall asleep last [...]

ooop! i’m sorry that last comment was meant to be on another blog, i didn’t realize when i clicked the picture it redirected me here! i’m sorry but good luck, the team is awesome! smile

CONGRATS!!! and look, u’re even the very first one on the list! wink you’ve got a kick butt team and will have a blast!

Congrats! That is awesome! Way to go ladies!! I’d love to learn more about this…

[...] HTC & nuun Just For Fun   // Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates.Powered by WP Greet Box WordPress PluginI was selected as an alternate for the nuun Hood To Coast Relay Teams. [...]

Yay!!!  I totally did a happy dance in the middle of a park this morning when my husband told me!  Thanks Nuun!

I’m glad to be named as an alternate… I truly do love nuun and am always preaching about it, I am glad for the chance to kind of represent nuun and maybe actually get to represent nuun on the HTC course!

Super cooooool! I saw so many awesome entries, I can only imagine how challenging it was to make the selections…and I am thrilled to be ‘in’ smile

Congrats to the team!

Wahoo! I am super excited. After running 2 relays last yar the HTC has become a huge goal for me. Can’t wait to be a part of this fabulous team. If you are looking for me, you can find me at http://www.team-sparkle.com or http://www.according-to-Kelly.com

Congrats to the teams!  nuun, thanks for the opportunity to even apply to get on the team.  I look forward to checking out all these blogs, too!

Thank you so much for this opportunity, Nuun! I cannot wait! smile


I am beyond excited…

I am scared.

LOL - in a good way…thank you so much!

So excited!!!

Tonia is at: http://racingwithbabes.blogspot.com/

So pumped for this team.. It will be EPIC!!

THANK YOU!  SO excited to be a part of this!  Per Jocelyn’s response, I think several of the links are possibly misplaced?  I am at http://www.blondeponytail.com

Thank you for making the opportunity real!

THANKS!!!!  I’m sooooo excited!!! AHHHH!!!!

Congrats to all the ladies! I can’t wait to start reading all the blogs!

Yay! Congrats to all you ladies! And Jocelyn, although I have no insider knowledge, I’m pretty sure they meant you! How could you not be chosen! smile

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