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Nuun Active vs. Nuun All Day

At Hydration HQ, we make a range of products that all support your daily hydration needs. They are designed to help you consume more fluids throughout the day, without worrying about an excessive consumption of added sugars or calories. Our top two selling products, Nuun Active hydration and Nuun All Day, both are available in the same convenient, effervescent tablet, but they serve different functions.

Nuun Active Contains:

+ An optimal electrolyte profile (Na, K, Mg, Ca)
+ No added sugars
+ Electrolyte levels consistent with average sweat losses

Nuun Active should be used during and after exercise.

Nuun All Day Contains:

+ 17 vitamins & minerals
+ No added sugars
+ Nutrients for immune & bone health

Nuun All Day should be used for everyday hydration.

The main difference between Nuun Active and All Day, is how they are used. When you’re working out, you want to replenish what you lose (via sweat) to maintain performance. Nuun Active helps by providing a balanced blend of sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium to help retain fluid, and maintain proper muscle function.

Nuun All Day contains a blend of vitamins and minerals that can be used as a daily hydration aid. A recommended four servings per day of Nuun all day can help you meet you daily hydration needs, which has many benefits. The grazing effect you get out of consuming All Day will help give your body the right amount of nutrients helping you stay energized throughout the day. Both products come in an effervescent tablet, which ensures precise dosing, and a convenient form factor.

Pick up some All Day to keep your hydration levels in check while you’re sitting at the office!



Thanks for clarifying the difference. I didn’t know that you should or could drink the Nuun all day four times in a day. I assumed that you could only drink it once per day due to the name. Thank you.

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