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Nuun All Day Review: YMMV Reviews

We sent JJ Johnson of Your Mileage May Vary some Nuun All Day to test out. He's a big fan of Nuun Active Hydration but hadn't yet tried Nuun All Day for his everyday hydration needs. What JJ had to say: Staying true to their established roots in the specialty market, Nuun All Day Hydration was designed to meet the needs of athletes who want to flavor their water for all-day consumption in order to stay hydrated and primed to perform. An estimated 75 percent of people are dehydrated and dehydration in athletes leads to greater risks that can result in muscle fatigue, cramps, headaches, dizziness, nausea, decreased performance level and rapid heart rate. Moreover, studies have shown that people are 90 percent more likely to drink more water if it is flavored. Nuun All Day Hydration was born out of the need for a delicious, healthy and effective way to consume the recommended daily amount of water throughout the day. You can read the entire review here. He has some great information about the differences of Nuun All Day as compared with Nuun Active Hydration. Only we ourselves could have explained it all better! The only thing we'd like to note is that the sorbitol used in Nuun All Day - as well as Nuun Active Hydration - is actually used as a binding agent to make the tablet...a tablet! All this means to you is that the amount used is less than what would be used if sorbitol were used to sweeten the product. Thanks JJ! And as always, stay hydrated!



I’ve actually tried Nuun All Day before for a little bit during my marathon training.  It worked really well, I’m not sure why I stopped drinking it.

Fun to find your blog with such great products and information

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