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We’re going to let you in on a little two-word secret: Beer + Nuun. That’s right…two of our favorite refreshments combined as an all-in-one happiness beverage! At Nuun HQ, we’ve experimented with a number of Nuun/Beer combinations, and have found the most delightful combinations for your electrolyte + carbohydrate fix. As we head into crisper fall weather training, make sure to stock up on your favorite Nuun flavors and beer choices for some extra incentive at the end of your longer workouts, or to keep hydrated at this season’s tailgates!

Nuun Shandy #1:
Belgian White Ale + Orange Nuun

Reminiscent of an orange creamsicle, this shandy brings out our childlike side! We recommend Shock Top, but any of your favorite Belgian White Ales will do the trick! Hint: the hazier the beer, the creamier the shandy!

Nuun Shandy #2:
Mexican Lager + Lemon Lime Nuun

Clocking in as the most refreshing Nuun shandy on the list, this Lemon Lime Mexican beer shandy is best paired with a hot, sunny day. Pro-tip: these are great for staying hydrated at the beach!

Nuun Shandy #3:
Summer Shandy + Citrus Fruit Nuun

If you’re a fan of fruity beer, you’ve found your shandy heaven. Combining a light, lemony summer shandy beer with our citrus fruit tablet will kick up the citrus notes a couple of notches. In our expert opinion, this shandy is best shared with friends while enjoying a stunner sunset.

Nuun Shandy #4:
IPA + Citrus Fruit or Watermelon Nuun

For our resident hop heads, we love adding either a drop of Watermelon or Citrus Fruit Nuun to our favorite IPA choice. A hazy, New England style IPA makes for the best creamy shandy with a fruity aftertaste.

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