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3 Easy Tips: Nuun In Your Hydration Vest

We love trail running year round, but fall is by far our favorite season. Winding through trees changing colors, stomping through leaves, and splashing through puddles. Plus the cooler weather provides a welcome relief from the summer’s hot months. With trail running, hydration vests work exceptionally well for hauling bear spray, snacks, and an extra flashlight – with hydration also in tow. Below are some tips for carrying Nuun in your hydration bladder so that you can always be hydrated on those single tracks.

1. Pre-dissolve Nuun Electrolytes.

When you're able to plan ahead, dissolve your tabs in a different container means you don't have to worry about it spurting out of the hose. If you don't have time and have to drop your tabs directly into the bladder, make sure to vent the hose to minimize the nuun-cano.

2. Clean your pack.

Nuun is low-sugar, so a quick rinse with water helps keep the bladder and hose clean and residue free. Once you're back home, remember to wash your pack with hot/warm water and soap.

3. Drinking Nuun Performance.

The great news is that Nuun Performance doesn't need to be pre-mixed. Simply pour it into a bladder with water, give it a shake, and you're good to go! However, Performance does have a higher level of sugar than Nuun Electrolytes, which means you'll want to wash the bladder as soon as you're able. 

We've also gotten a lot of questions recently about freezing the bladder. We understand the appeal: you went for a run but didn't drink all of your Nuun and you don't want to waste it. Before freezing your pack, however, make sure to check with the manufacturer on what they recommend. Not all hoses can be placed in the freezer, and a split hose would be a very unwelcome surprise.

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