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Nuunbassador Program 2016

As the Autumn season is well underway, we’re getting ready to open our Nuun Brand Ambassador program to new applicants! This is always an exciting experience as we connect with our most dedicated and enthusiastic fans and have the opportunity to take our relationship to the next level. No, we’re not talking about 2nd base (although we love baseball) – we’re talking about the opportunity to bring new athletes into our family of ambassadors that help to spread the #nuunlove everywhere they go. They also get exclusive product discounts, opportunities to participate in events with us and access to cool ambassador-only swag!

If you think this sounds like a team you’d like to be a part of, keep reading to find out if you would be a good fit!

What does it mean to be a Brand Ambassador?

If you’ve spent much time on our website, chances are you have come across the page about our Nuun Athletes. If you haven’t, head over there and check it out – we have over 300 incredible people from all over the United States and Canada featured there! These professional and amateur athletes include: beginner 5k runners, experienced ultramarathon runners, triathletes, cyclists of all sorts (track, road, cyclocross, mountain, downhill, bmx), tennis players, archers, soccer players, rock climbers, golfers, exergamers, swimmers, racewalkers, skiiers and snowboarders, paddlers, yogis, adventure racers, and the list goes on! The point is we have found enthusiastic Nuun ambassadors in just about every sport you can imagine (and more)!

What do these athletes have in common? What brings them together to create a team? How are they chosen as brand ambassadors?

Nuun athletes are: 
+ Passionate: about their sport, about hydration, and about Nuun! 
+ Involved in their community: they not only love to participate in their sport, they also love to share that experience with others and cheer people on! 
+ Committed: to their team and/or their own personal goals. They will show up rain or shine and bring their own best. 
+ Positive: we all have good days and bad days, and that could be during a workout or a competition. When bad days happen, Nuun athletes tend to focus on the lessons learned and the opportunity to improve.

What are we looking for when athletes apply to our ambassador program?

Nuun Ambassadors are already fans of Nuun products! If you’ve never tried our product, how could you know if you want to represent us as an ambassador? We are looking for athletes that share their experiences with their community in a genuine way. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, we look for athletes that can talk about how our products play a role in your training and competition, not just people who “share” the social media content we generate.

We want you to care about your relationships as much as we do. We want to see you being active in your communities and supporting fellow athletes at all levels of competition and training!

Where will you find us?

We can be found at hundreds of events all over the country and we are hydrating athletes every weekend, and that’s just our employees. Nuun Ambassadors can be found at well over 1,000 different events every year!

Interested in applying to be part of our 2016 Ambassador Team? Applications for new athletes, based in the United States and Canada, will be open from November 12-22, 2015. Follow Nuun on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for more updates and check back here for application details!

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I am so excited to join the nuun team! I will be promoting your fabulous product on my social media accounts and my blog, http://www.janerunswild.com. Thank you nuun! #teamnuun

Hi Brian! We haven’t announced our 2016 ambassadors yet. It will probably be about a week or so, so keep your eyes on your inbox!

Have the 2015 Ambasaadors been announced?

Thank you! Thought I was missing something smile such a big nuun fam! I love it!

Hi Cara, we currently have our Nuun Elite and Team Nuun athletes listed on the website. Due to the current size of our ambassador program, unfortunately we’re not able to have feature pages for the Nuunbassadors. We will definitely let you know if that changes!

I am a current Nuunbassador but am not found on the athletes page. How do I update this?

Hi caitlyn, thanks for bringing this to our attention. You should be able to choose DC now!

Hi! I am very excited to apply to be a Nuun Ambassador, but on the google form I can’t find DC for shipping address. Can you let me know if this is an error on my part? Thank you!

If you love Nuun and are considering applying, do it. It’s an amazing, rewarding experience. Come join me on the 2016 team.

Happy birthday few hours early Erika

Loan, we’re very excited to welcome you back! Happy Veterans’ Day, and thank you for your service!

This Veteran is excited about returning as a 2016 Nuunbassador! Nuuntastic!!!

Gahhhh… 1 more day .... I’m so nervous and excited to apply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nuun is fantastic! I wish more events would use it instead of Powerade, Gatorade, etc. which just make me sick. Hopefully I can join y’all!

I would love to be an ambassador!  I’m huge Nuun fan.  I’m a running coach and big on promoting hydration and Nuun is the perfect product for this.  I use it before on runs, carry it in my water bottle and us it after my run.  I use Nuun everyday!

Great question James! Team sponsorships will have a separate application, but also open on November 12th (this Thursday)!

LOVE this product! I religiously purchase can keep this in almost any workout bag that I choose to carry! I am interested in learning more about the ambassador program and looking forward to seeing the application next week!

Is there a separate time/application for teams to apply?

Erika, we’ll have more details next week! Happy early birthday from Hydration HQ!



on November 06, 2015

nuun is the one thing i have been using consistently in training for the past 4 years: i am hooked! i honestly have a nuun everyday - even on off days.  my birthday is november 12th—it would certainly make 35 an extra special year! when will you post more details about submissions?? @witchontherun

That’s great to hear, Bill! We look forward to reading your application.

Nuun has completely changed my training and my life, I can’t wait to apply for 2016!

Obsessed with Nuun Energy…can’t get through a long run without it! I can’t wait to apply, been waiting for this FOREVER! #nuunlove #nuunlife

Hi Frederic! We would love to expand our ambassador program more globally, but we don’t want to do so until we can provide a great experience in each country. Hopefully we’ll be able to expand more soon!

Why is it only possible to be a noon ambassador if you are based in the united states and canada?
I’m from germany and would like to be a nuun ambassador too.

best regards

Looking forward to apply!!  Nuun made summer training possible for me!  And now I can’t get enough of it!

Can’t get through my long runs in Florida WITHOUT my Nuun!! #longrunsneedNuunlove

Love my Nuun! Hoping to stay on the team another year. You guys are the BEST!!!

Super excited since last November for this news.  Nov 12-22 is on my calendar. Looking forward to the new racing season, and hopefully with your team! #NUUNlife



on October 09, 2015

Been waiting months for this!  Would be so excited and honored to be a part of the Nuunbassador program!!!

I’ve been waiting all summer for this!  Looking forward to November even more now.



on October 09, 2015

I can’t wait to apply! #nuunlove hydrate up all day, every day!

You’re absolutely right! Here’s to an awesome 2016!

First comment means I’m first in line for the Nuunbassador program - 2016 is going to be EPIC!

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