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​5 Reasons We’re Opting Outside This Black Friday

At Nuun, we believe that moving more + proper hydration are catalysts to help you thrive through life. Although this may sound obvious, our actions in society are counter to these fundamentals and as a result, making us unhealthier.

Think about the headwinds we face everyday when it comes to movement alone. We live in a box (our home). We likely drive in a box (automobile) to work and sit in a box (office), only to stare at a box (computer and cell). Then we repeat the drive home back to our box and sit and stare at a box (TV/computer). Most people live a sedentary lifestyle, indoors, for 20+ hours every single day.

This Black Friday, Nuun is encouraging our team to counter society’s sedentary lifestyle and pause on our shopping indulgence by opting outside. Our friends at REI started this movement a couple of years ago by closing their doors on one of the biggest shopping days of the year. The intent was to give up on shopping for the day and just get outside. Think of it as healing for our body and our planet. Let’s be real, we all know that it is pretty difficult to get outside without moving.

Here are 5 reasons to #OptOutside this Black Friday:

1. Exercise

They say that sitting is the new smoking. Get up and move, and better yet, move each day a little more than the previous. This Thanksgiving weekend, get out and move more (doing what you love)! The health benefits of daily movement are immensely positive.

2. Vitamin D

Without question, the best source of Vitamin D comes from the sun, and yes, even those of us that experience the rainy winters of the Pacific Northwest will reap the rewards. As we enter into the dreaded ‘cold and flu’ season, getting enough of Vitamin D is essential to a strong and healthy immune system.

3. Better sleep

Did you know that our sleep patterns are directly tied to the sun’s schedule? Our internal body clock is known as your circadian rhythm. One key factor that throws off our circadian rhythm is our lack of natural light by being indoors too much. Getting outside, ideally early, will reset your body clock and in turn help you get a better and sound sleep. Getting proper zzz’s is the ultimate recovery product to help you be at your best.

4. Soul food for mental strength

If you need a mental boost or want a fix for feeling down, one of the quickest fixes is to get outside, move, and breathe deeply. There is plenty of scientific evidence that has validated the positive impact that movement has on your brain. You will improve your attention span, feel a sense of mental strength and stability, and lastly it will boost serotonin, which generally helps you feel good.

5. Take in clean oxygen

Breathing is the ultimate detoxifier for your physical and mental health. Although all of us breathe everyday, the vast majority of us are doing it all wrong. Breathing deeply, while taking in clean oxygen from forested areas, is the medicine your body is seeking. The quality of air indoors is less than ideal so getting outside and ideally away from the urban air pollution will do wonders for your mind and body.

Liberate your mind, body and soul this Thanksgiving weekend, and specifically this Black Friday, by opting outside with us. Perhaps your feast will feel that much more rewarding and your time with family and friends more memorable. 

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