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Queen of the Road Mile

Heather Kampf here! For those of you who don’t know me, I am a professional middle distance runner for Team USA Minnesota, Asics America, and probably most importantly to all of you, a proud member of Team Nuun Elite!

My main racing distances are the 800m & 1500m on the track, but I’ve been primarily focusing on the 1500m this season as I train for the US Olympic Trials coming up in July. Beyond the track, I’ve learned I have quite the knack for 1-mile road races as well. Over the past couple years, I have strung together a nice series of wins in various road miles across the country...to a point where I’ve somehow acquired the unofficial title of “The Queen of the Road Mile.” I’m embarrassed I even told you that, but heck, I’ve kind of just embraced it as my "claim-to-fame" now.

People always ask me how to train for the mile because it’s this tricky hybrid race that straddles the line between distance running and sprinting. My short answer is this: a miler needs to keep all his or her tools sharp. You need speed, endurance, and everything in between because you basically have to be strong enough to maintain a near-top-end speed for what feels like a long time (...and ideally still have a kick at the end too!)

On any given day I could be running a typical ‘5K’ workouts, sometimes it’s 3K pace, and we definitely hit on true mile-pace efforts in practice. But then I also get down to the speed endurance work of an 800m runner, and even pretend like I’m a sprinter from time to time. Depending on the time of year and the competitions I am focusing on, we change the overall percentage of each style of workout I do to fit my needs and help me peak for the big stuff!

Below is a sampling of some of my favorite workouts. Generally speaking, I do 2-3 workouts per week from various ‘categories’ and then of course a long run (for me, that caps at 15 miles) over the weekend.

  • 20-30 minute continuous threshold run

  • 4-5 x mile @ ~threshold pace, 1 minute rest

  • 5-6 x 800m @ ~3K pace, 2 minutes rest, plus maybe an all-out 300m at the end for funsies
  • 8-10 x 400m @ ~mile pace, 1 minute rest

  • 3-5 sets of (500m-300m-200m) @ mile pace or better, 1 min rest between reps
  • 3 min btw sets 1 set of (200m-400m-300m-200m) @ 800m pace or better, walking rest equal to whichever distance you just ran

  • 16-24 x 100m hill sprints, rest = easy jog back down
8 x 80m @ all out, rest unlimited 

Ok, so I might have made that sound torturous, but honestly, I think being a miler is the most fun. I like to think of it as “playing running." You're trying things that cover the far ranges of both your aerobic and anaerobic energy systems, so by the time you toe the starting line, you feel like machine.

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Hi Perry, we are aware of the situation and are looking into it.

Don’t know where we can ask this question since nuun isn’t answering on nay of the forums or responding to your emails:  Do you plan to do anyting about your resident cheating nuun ambassador blogger Tara Schwitzman (now known in the running community as Schwitzbib”) - your athlete who ran last year’s Boston Marathon illegally with a friend’s bib number? Has she told you yet? Is she still going to be The Face of Nuun? Her running club (us!) want to know.

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