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Run Hood to Coast with Nuun

It’s that time again.  For a third year in a row, Nuun will be forming teams to run the infamous Hood to Coast relay and help hydrate the running masses. During the 197 mile relay from Mt. Hood to the Oregon coast, you’ll run, cheer, sleep (probably not), stay hydrated with Nuun, and have the best weekend of your life. Or at least we think so.

We’re excited to accept 20 women to form 2 teams, and this year, we’re looking for NEW faces to join us. So if you’ve never run Hood to Coast with Nuun before we want to get to know you!

When is it? Hood to Coast Relay: August 23-24

Other Travel Dates to Keep in Mind: Festivities will start on Wednesday August 21st.  For sure, you’ll need to be in Seattle no later than August 22nd . Most runners schedule departure for Sunday August 25th in the afternoon.

What will you be responsible for? - Bring yourself, your running gear, your sense of adventure - You are responsible for travel to/from Seattle

What will Nuun provide?

  • Airport shuttle to/from Sea Tac airport
  • Swag.  Lots of swag.
  • Fun, but optional activities on Wednesday and Thursday leading up to race day, lodging provided
  • Vans for transport to the race start and for the race itself
  • Food and hydration for the race
  • Team accommodations at the finish line
  • Shuttle from finish line back to Seattle or Sea Tac airport Sunday

Who can apply?

You can apply if you:

  1. Have not run Hood to Coast with Nuun in the past
  2. Are female
  3. Have an active blog
  4. Love Nuun
  5. Are really fun!

How do I apply?

Submit a creative application - something that shows us who you are, that you love Nuun, have a sense of adventure, and you’ll be a blast to spend 30+ hours with in a van. Fill out this form and in the appropriate field, paste the link to your application. No applications via email will be accepted.

If you need some inspiration, here are a few winning applications from last year:





Application deadline: Friday, April 5th at midnight.

Teams will be announced Wednesday, April 17th

Use hashtag #nuunHTC on twitter to chat about your application and see who else is applying!

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[...] few weeks ago, Nuun announced that they would once again be forming teams for the 2013 Hood to Coast relay.  Last year, [...]

[...] Wow. A 200 mile relay race called Hood to Coast and a cool competition. [...]

Thank you for this opportunity! Anxiously awaiting the results!

[...] Half, OUC, ZOOMA Cape Cod. But after mapping out our travel schedule for the rest of the year {with Nuun Hood to Coast tentatively penciled in *fingers crossed*} we realized a fall destination race probably isn’t in [...]

[...] On Sunday evening, just a few hours before the deadline, I uploaded the video to YouTube and clicked ‘Submit’ on my application for a chance to run Hood to Coast with Team Nuun in 2013: [...]

[...] seen plenty of tweets about this, but once again the AWESOME folks at Nuun are putting together teams of crazy bloggers to run the mother of all relays, Hood to Coast!  I’m so freakin’ excited about even applying [...]

[...] they had. I decided that wouldn’t it be cool to become a blogger and get picked to be on the Nuun HTC team. [...]

[...] year about this time nuun put out a call to bloggers, they were looking for runners to be on their Hood to Coast relay [...]

[...] out it has caffeine, too!  I told the Nuun representative  that Ashley and I applied for the Nuun Hood to Coast relay team.  Tried to suck up a little, but then forgot to tell him my name…  But I’m sure he [...]

[...] third and final goal is potentially as difficult as getting a BQ time.  Yesterday I submitted my application for nunn’s Hood to Coast relay team–and it’s going to be hard getting selected because of all the great applications I have [...]

[...] silently watching. Thinking, but not talking. I like to write. I feel safe behind words. But the Nuun Hood to Coast application is not an essay…it’s a video (although my video really is an essay in [...]

I submitted my application last night, but had problems with my video on Flickr. Somehow it kept cutting it short, so I had to resubmit my application with a link to You Tube.  I hope you get the right one!! The short one doesn’t make much sense.
Had so much fun making the video!! I also have the video on my blog. Thanks for this great opportunity.

Winners are not chosen at random, but we look at a lot of factors in addition to your blog to help put together the best team to spread the Nuun love!

Will the winners be chosen at random or will other blog stats come into play as in previous years?

Will the winners be chosen at random, or will blog stats (such as number of followers, etc.) be reviewed when choosing candidates as in previous years?

[...] are looking for female bloggers (sorry dudes) to run Hood to Coast.  You can check the details out here (apps are due this Friday by midnight).  Seriously the highlight of my 2012… and I scored [...]

[...] This is The Big One: I applied to be on the Nuun team for the Hood to Coast relay this August. Aside from the obvious (it’s HOOD TO COAST. And [...]

[...] ran over to Hillsboro today to restock my Nuun supply, in part because I needed more props for my Nuun Hood to Coast application video. Lo and behold, REI has Nuun on special this month as one of their nutrition specials. Not [...]

[...] Did you guys hear the news? Nuun is once again putting together teams of lady bloggers to run Hood to Coast! (You can find the information on how to apply here). [...]

[...] are choosing all new lady bloggers this year, which means 20 opportunities are out there for YOU! The deets on the application, dates, etc. are up on the Nuun [...]

Are my comments being posted?

oh! I sure hope i am creative enough!!! had a blast filming today…but the wind was really loud may have to RESHOOT a few parts. Now…to figure out how to edit!


[...] Nuun has made the announcement that their application process is open for their HTC teams. I am nervous because I really want to get on the team but I need to submit a “creative” application. I have no idea what I am going to do nor do I know how to make a video. I barely know how to use YouTube let alone make a video and put it on YouTube!!  WISH ME LUCK!! [...]

[...] my PSA of the day, if you are a lady blogger, consider applying for one of Nuun’s Hood to Coast teams! Many of my good friends have done it and have had wonderful times. I’d be submitting my [...]

[...] So, do yourself a favor: APPLY HERE TO BE PART OF THE NUUN TEAM! [...]

Annnnnd….what are the odds if the blog, let’s say…isn’t so active?  But you’re super fantastically cool (what English teacher isn’t, I mean, REALLY?) and tweet on the reg?

[...] again Nuun is putting together teams of lady bloggers to run the e-word Hood to Coast relay this August. [...]

So excited about this opportunity!! I mean running Hood to Coast with incredible women and representing a fabulous company?? Need to get my creative juices flowing!

[...] today, I read about this!  I love Nuun and it’s been my go-to electrolyte drink since I started running in 2010!  I [...]

What an amazing opportunity! Cannot wait to get started on my application! Watching the Hood to Coast movie tonight for motivation and to get fired up!


[...] with Nuun. This year, Nuun is selecting all new team members, so make sure you apply by April 5th. HERE are the [...]

Ooo…my creative wheels are turning.  I so totally want to do this!!!!  So excited!!!

Yep! As long as you can get yourself to and from Seattle you are eligible.

Can Canadians apply?

Cannot wait to get my application rolling! Thanks Nuun!

Sounds like your van would be the FUN van! grin And very well hydrated, of course.

Does making hydrating cocktails with Nuun count as a marketable van member skill? Mixmistress with the mostest, I swear!

Does making hydrating cocktails with Nuun count as a marketable van member skill?

Hi Christine, The event is from Mt. Hood to Seaside beach, so we don’t spend time in Portland other than running through. Nuun is located in Seattle and there are events we host here prior to the race. If you are interested in applying we encourage you to do so!

flying in and out of Seattle for a Portland Oregon event, really?

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