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Whatever goals your chasing - from your first 5k to a marathon PR - you need the right tools to stay healthy and safe. Here's a list of some of our favorite gear to help you put safety first.

Reflective Gear

The days are getting shorter, and that means more quality time with our headlamps. But reflective gear is also essential to being seen, even in well-lit neighborhoods. Many running apparel companies, like our friends at Oiselle, offer clothing with reflective accents. Safety Skin is another great option for staying visible. Apply it to your skin, and you're good to go! (Don't worry, it washes off.)


For some of us, running is the only "alone time" we get but we still want to feel confident. With a push of a button, Wearsafe's personal tracker connects to your smartphone to instantly send trusted friends your current location plus audio, as well as helps them coordinate a response or call 911 if necessary.

Running Belt

A running belt like Flipbelt or SpiBelt makes it easy to carry your phone with you, as well as cash or a credit card for emergencies. You never have to worry about a phone falling out of your pocket again!


We get it. When you're running alone, you listen to music to help keep your energy up. Aftershokz bone-conduction headphones are designed to allow you to listen to music without plugging your ears, so you can still be aware of your surroundings.

Health Warrior Superfoods

Your body needs the right fuel to function at its peak. Health Warrior's products are easy to carry, and they're designed to give you long-lasting energy without a sugar bonk later. Perfect for those grab-and-go moments!

And of course, hydration.

Dehydration affects your body in a number of ways: fatigue, difficulty focusing, dizziness. That's why we've designed a Nuun for every hydration situation! Which Nuun is right for you?

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