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​Staying Hydrated on the Mountain

The winter weather invites opportunity for some of our favorite mountain-side sports. Whether you’re hitting the slopes, snowshoeing, or cross-country skiing, it’s important to remember to stay hydrated during a day on the mountain.

It’s easy to forget to keep hydrated when the weather is cold, and you’re not left feeling hot and sweaty after your workout. But the truth is that cold weather workouts (especially on the mountain), require even more attention to staying on your hydration A-Game. The Nuun Elite team has many Nordic skiers that understand the value and payoff of proper mountain hydration. With a number of those athletes heading to this year’s Winter Olympics Games, we think they’ve got something figured out!

In colder environments, our blood vessels constrict to conserve body heat at our cores rather than distributing freely to our extremities. Due to the fact that we maintain core body heat and blood flow, other responses in the body are not triggered as quickly as they usually would be in warmer temperatures. Because of this, our regular thirst sensations are reduced in the winter.

Cold mountain weather also helps sweat to evaporate from our skin much faster. This means you feel less sweaty after your workouts. Don’t be fooled, your body is working just as hard—reward it with some Nuun! Just because we don’t FEEL as thirsty, certainly does not mean that our bodies do not need regular hydration on the mountain.

Keep this in mind the next time you head out for a few hours on the mountain.

Rip it up out there, and stay hydrated!

Photo: Garret Van Swearingen

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