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Running and Cycling resolutions can take a number of different forms as we welcome the new year. This is an exciting time to evaluate your progress from last year, and make personal builds as we move into 2018. One of the most valuable things you can do for your resolution, is to create a plan or support system to keep your goals in place! Here are some of our favorite ways to keep the resolution stoke high.

Write your future self a resolution letter

Resolutions come from a place of genuine inspiration and motivation. Make sure to capture those sentiments while the feeling is fresh! Take 10-15 minutes to write yourself a resolution letter outlining your goals and reasons for putting the resolution in place. If you feel yourself moving off course, or breaking away from your new GREAT habit, pull the note out for a reminder of the promise that you made to yourself.

Find a Buddy

Sometimes, accountability is the ultimate way to stay on track. Find a workout buddy with similar goals that can help keep your vision clear, and your workouts on point. Such a buddy might not have the exact same 2018 goals, but can help keep your accountable as least once a week for one of your “harder to get out the door” workouts.

Get visual

Do your resolutions line up with certain races or events this upcoming year? If so—create a vision board for that event. Include photos of the course, motivational quotes and even happy photos of yourself from past events. Manifesting the visual experience that you hope to have on course will be a constant reminder of the resolutions you put in place for yourself.

Track Progress

Seeing our progress in one place is a massive motivator. There are so many tools available for tracking individual performance progress throughout the year! Are you a digital nut and love to see your stats tracked and crunched for you? Consider upgrading to Strava Premium for extra tracking capabilities! If you prefer to keep your progress tracked with pen and paper, it might be worth the investment in a motivational performance journal. (The Believe Journal by Lauren Fleshman is one of our favorites.)

Establish a personal reward system

Hold your resolution/goal list right next to your gear wish list. Align your upcoming performance milestones with items on your wish list. For example: If your resolution is to run a half marathon this year—put together your training plan and highlight your top 3 achievement milestones. When you hit your first over 90-minute run, reward yourself with the brand new Nuun singlet! (Our team store will open up six times this year, starting next week, with all new designs!)

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