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They’re Headed to the Big Event!

These 6 nuun athletes are headed south for the competition of their lives, but you won't hear us congratulating them in August. Here's why.

Next month, the eyes of the world will turn to the big games that only happen once every 4 years. Sports that don't get a lot of attention during the other three years, like track & field, are suddenly front and center, and it's these athletes' turn to shine. But at a time when their value is highest, they are unable to capitalize on it. Companies that don't sponsor the games, such as nuun, are unable to mention the event or the athletes' names during the blackout period.  This is meant to prevent companies from capitalizing on the games, but it also effectively stops us from congratulating or wishing them "good luck" in any way publicly. 

We consider each and every one of our athletes part of our nuun family, and wish we could show our support. But just because we can't, doesn't mean you can't. Nuuniverse, let's join together and show each of these athletes, regardless of their nationality, just how proud we are! Show your #nuunlove celebrating these incredible athletes on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook - any and all platforms you use! Kevin plans to follow their events pretty closely, so if you want to know where you can find live updates regarding these 6 athletes, follow him here.

The IOC can stop us. They can't stop you. You are the loophole - use it.

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Natasha & Lanni

Natasha Wodak / 10,000m
twitter instagram

This is Natasha's first trip to the big quadrennial games. After setting the Canadian 10,000m record last year with a speedy 31:41.59, she's definitely one to watch. 

Lanni Marchant / 10,000m and marathon
twitter instagram

This is also Lanni's first time competing in the big games. She's the current Candian 26.2 record holder (2:28.00, set in 2013), and is the first woman in Canadian history to compete in both events at the quadrennial games.

Inaki & Chris

Inaki Gomez / 20km race/walk
twitter instagram

Inaki is back for his second opportunity to represent Canada at the big games. Back in May, he was part of the Canadian team that placed 2nd at the IAAF World Race Walking Team Championships. Keep an eye out for his signature squat-then-jump at the start line.

Chris Winter / 3000m steeplechase
twitter instagram

This is Chris' first trip to the summer games that only happen once every 4 years. Tune in to see if he can beat his personal best of 8:26.55!

Ben & Maor


Ben Kanute / triathlon
twitter instagram

This is Ben's first trip to the event-that-cannot-be-named. He's fresh off a win at the ITU Triathlon Mixed Relay World Championships, and is ready to swim-bike-run his way to the podium.


Maor Tiyouri / marathon
twitter instagram

Maor is headed to the southern hemisphere for her first opportunity to compete at the Big Event. She qualified for the team at the Ottawa Marathon under conditions so hot and humid, the race directors considered canceling the event! And did we mention it was her debut marathon?!

if you're interested in posting our #boulevardtobrazil fan tee, you can do so here.

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