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The Role of Electrolytes

All electrolytes are vital for the ongoing steady function of our bodies, but each of them individually plays a specific role in keeping our internal systems flowing. Nuun Electrolytes contains 4 essential electrolytes that keep our bodies happy, healthy and hydrated.

Sodium: The Smooth Operator

Sodium plays an essential role is keeping multiple functions of the body running smoothly. One of sodium’s main functions is to keep our body’s fluids in balance. Sodium enters and exits scene in the bloodstream as needed to keep blood volume and pressure in check.

Potassium: The Regulator

Potassium works closely with sodium to make sure that the bloodstream is running at maximum efficiency. Potassium helps to balance out the effects of sodium to keep blood pressure steady and fluid flow optimized. This “regulation” helps to prevent muscle cramping!

Magnesium: The Diffuser

The resident “mellow guy”, magnesium, plays multiple roles to keep things moving along without major incident. Primarily, magnesium helps to relax muscles to counteract the contractions caused by movement/exercise. It also assists in the transport (or diffusion if you will) of calcium and oxygen throughout the cells of the human body.

Calcium: The Defender

Having a solid calcium intake base sets you up for long term success. A majority of our calcium is found in our bones and teeth, keeping the very structure of our bodies strong and supported. But calcium does more than just defend the structural parts of our body, it also maintains nerve function, muscle contractions and regular heartbeat!

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