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which nuun is right for you?

hydration means more than drinking 8 glasses of water a day. that's why we have a nuun for any hydration situation! so which nuun is right for you?

nuun vitamins

hydration for your daily health

with 11 essential vitamins and minerals, nuun vitamins is perfect drink for a rest day and for those who struggle to drink enough water. the light, refreshing taste will keep you reaching for your bottle all day long. nuun vitamins is available in 6 flavors, including 2 caffeinated flavors.

nuun electrolytes

hydration for when you're working up a sweat

nuun electrolytes is a low calorie alternative to traditional sports drink that still packs a punch. perfect for before, during, and after a workout, our optimal electrolyte profile is specially formulated to replace what you lose through sweat. nuun electrolytes is available in 13 flavors, including 4 caffeinated flavors.

nuun performance

hydration for intense exercise

nuun performance is packed with the electrolytes and carbohydrates your body needs to stay hydrated during long or hard workouts. the pure ingredients (nothing artificial!) improves the body's absorption rate and reduces your risk for gi distress. nuun performance is available in 2 flavors, both non-gmo project verified.

whether you're working up a sweat or relaxing at a backyard cook-out, we've got the nuun for you! all of our products are certified vegan and gluten free, and certified for clean sport by informed choice.

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hi david. we don’t have plans to bring back kona cola, but we will let our development team know you miss it!

Bring back the Kona Cola flavor. Have tried many of the new flavors and none do as well on the bike as the Kona Cola. We need to bring back a favorite.

hi christine, glad we can hydrate your adventures! we would recommend putting nuun performance in your water bottle instead of your bladder, as it may be difficult to clean the bladder afterwards.

I use Nuun everything for everything but have a question.  For hiking.  Like hiking in elevation anywhere from 5-11+ miles I usually have just water in my camelbak bladder and have a separate water bottle to use Nuun tabs along the way.  Would the Nuun Endurance be a good alternative to just plain water in the camelbak bladder?

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