We're excited to return as the official hydration sponsor of The San Francisco Marathon! There's nothing like running across the golden gate bridge, and the incredible views make every hill worth it. So, with a little help from Team Nuun, here are 8 reasons we think you should join us at TSFM this year!

  1. San Francisco was recently ranked the #1 running city in the U.S. By Runners World. 
  1. The expo is located on the water with views of Alcatraz. There are food trucks, lots of vendors (like us!) And lots of free samples. Stop by our booth to pick up a limited edition California bottle that's free with purchase!
  1. The Bay Area is known for cool weather and overcast days, which make for perfect running conditions.
  1. The start is early (very early) and if you're lucky, you will reach the bridge at sunrise. And an early start means you can brunch after! 

Speaking of the Golden Gate Bridge...

  1. The Golden Gate Bridge. Enough said. This is the most iconic landmark in San Francisco. Getting a chance to run across it is probably the best experience you'll have. You can see the Pacific Ocean on one side, and the San Francisco bay on the other. You'll not only have a great view of the city skyline, but you can also see Sausalito, Angel Island, and Alcatraz.
  1. Haight Ashbury. You get to run through this famous neighborhood. It's the epicenter of hippie subculture, and that culture is alive and well. Street art, smoke shops, and humble people are out cheering you through mile 19.
  1. AT&T Park - it's still baseball season, so what's not to love? Mile 26 will see you through McCovery cove, named after giants' first baseman Willie McCovery who had 469 homeruns with the team. There are lots of boats and kayaks out on the water with the Bay Bridge in sight, and it's a sight for sore eyes after 26 miles.
  1. The race shirt is always top notch and something you will actually wear again. 

 And as an added bonus...

  1. The folks behind TSFM run several races throughout the year, and you have a chance to earn additional  challenge bling!

Whether you run the first half, the second half, the 5k, the full, or the ultra, this race is a must run! You'll fall in love with San Francisco’s natural beauty, the challenging-but-fun hills, the ocean breeze, the busy city streets, and of course, The Golden Gate Bridge.

 Thank you to the Team Nuun members that contributed: Jody Stoops and Morgan Jaldon.



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