By Vishal Patel, Chief Nutritionist

Science is constantly evolving, and with that comes learning. Over the past decade we’ve closely studied how the human body functions during endurance exercise, and found that hydration plays a key role in helping mitigate the stresses of endurance exercise. With that comes Performance, the first sport drink mix verified by the non-GMO project and informed choice, reassuring our commitment to clean, pure ingredients.


What is Performance?

Performance is a carbohydrate + electrolyte drink mix designed to be used during high intensity and/or prolonged endurance exercise. It contains a precise mix of non-GMO, vegan carbohydrates and highly bioavailable electrolytes to help deliver fluid as well as minimize gastric distress during endurance exercise. Each 16 fl oz serving contains 15 grams of carbohydrates, and delivers over 600 mg of electrolytes from sodium, potassium (+chloride), magnesium, and calcium. Each serving is flavored using real fruit juice powder, using an innovative technology to dry the juice while retaining the highest nutritional content.

Why create Performance?

Over the past decade as scientific research evolved, we quickly learned that fluid delivery plays a key role in helping muscles perform at the highest level during exercise. And with that, the needs for hydration are different when exercising below an hour and half, compared to prolonged endurance activies. That difference comes within the carbohydrate and electrolyte count. With the learning, we found that your gut is under quite a bit of exercise induced stress, and that sport drinks higher in carbohydrates irritate the stomach, ultimately degrading exercise performance.

Nuun Oerformance is formulated with carbohydrate content that is optimized to deliver fluid and electrolytes to your muscles the fastest. The carbohydrate percentage sits at ~3.2-3.5%, with an osmolality 252 mOsm/kg which studies have shown maximizes gastric emptying (the rate of absorption) (1,2,3).

Lastly, we knew there still was a gap in offering the cleanest hydration product for athletes who compete in endurance sports. It took many years for us to research ingredients, and study the supply chain to find the purist ingredients. And with that came out third-party certifications including: verification by the non-GMO project, Informed Choice, gluten free, and vegan certified.

Why use Performance?

Your body function differently during endurance exercise, and with that your needs for hydration and nutrition change. More carbohydrates and electrolytes are required via hydration to aid in fluid absorption, and additional calories need to be consumed to provide fuel and energy.

Nuun Performance, although, contains the highest carbohydrate content of all of our flavors still maintains that light, crisp flavor profile exhibited through all of our products. That is achieved by using real fruit juice powder, using a supplier that took over four years to research to ensure we were getting the purist forms of flavoring. The taste is key, some high sugar drinks or flavored sport drink mixes often are too heavy, and it can get old drinking that repeatedly while on a 3 or 4-hour ride. Performance is light, it tastes great, and performs at the highest level working for your body when it needs hydration the most.


The product is available in two flavors: Blueberry Strawberry and Orange Mango. Take advantage of free shipping (through 4/11) and stock up today!

Make sure you're following us on facebookinstagram, and twitter to learn more about our upcoming Performance webinar. I'll be discussing performance more in depth, and there will be an opportunity to ask your Performance and nutrition questions.

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