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Interested in becoming a Nuun Ambassador in 2021? Sign up to find out when applications open again:

At Nuun we are so happy to have a best-in-class ambassador program. And you may wonder, “What makes a best-in-class ambassador program?” The answer is: the people! The Nuun ambassador program is comprised of the most amazing and motivational athletes who are true cheerleaders for our brand. 

Nuun Ambassadors are members of the active community that love to muuv and love Nuun! They share their experiences and expertise with other members of the community and they get sweet perks like discounted product, Nuun samples to share, Swag, and access to exclusive giveaways!

The best part is that each year, we open up the program to invite Nuun consumers (new and seasoned) to apply to become one of our valued brand ambassadors. This November, we will open the 2020 brand ambassador program applications, and we welcome all applicants. As our CEO (Chief Eternal Optimist) says, “Nuun is hydration that inspires people to move more”. 

If you apply and are accepted to become a Nuun Ambassador you can expect to be welcomed in to the Nuun Community with open arms. Can you imagine being a part of a community that loves Nuun and muuvment/activity as much as you do? As a member of the Nuun Ambassador program, we to inspire your participation and connection with the Nuun brand and with members of the Ambassador community. You'll Build relationships and connections with your fellow Teammates, through our website, social media, and Ambassador forums, as well as IRL (in real life!) through Ambassador community meet-ups, Team Nuun race meet-ups, and special events!

Check back for more details on the ambassador program details in the coming weeks! In the meantime, read what some current Nuun ambassadors have to say about the program!

George from Nevada, USA: 

"Whether you are young or old or a beginner or an elite athlete, the Nuun ambassador program is an inclusive program that brings us together as a family, no matter what you look like, where you live or what your social standing is. And I have met so many great and inspiring athletes and Nuun staff these past several years (in person and online) that it's infectious and you just want to soak it up even more!"

Sara from Ontario, CA:

"I very much find it inspiring to be part of a community that is so unabashedly passionate about the benefits of outdoor physical activity in all its forms - fast, medium, slow, competitive, recreational, team, individual, etc. - and truly embraces the journey to whatever target you are working toward."

Tony from California, USA:

Being a Nuun ambassador gives me an unspoken bond with strangers who quickly become friends through a shared love for Nuun. I’ve been lucky to meet many inspiring people with incredible stories. Whether is a small goal or a big one, the Nuun community has been incredibly supportive towards one another.

Lindsay from Texas, USA:

"I absolutely love being part of such a vibrant community of athletes with a variety of experiences. If I'm struggling with making a decision on a race, cross training, or finding a route in a new city this crew has my back! I’ve also been extremely fortunate to meet many of the Nuun ambassadors in real life and the experience is incredible! Because we're already such a like-minded group of individuals, when we come together offline it's like we've been friends for years. It's truly amazing. Oh, and I love Nuun, too!"

Lisa from Illinois, USA:

"Community and the encouragement!!!! I’m proud to be inspired by everyone and hope to inspire too!"

Lauren from Maryland, USA:

"Nuun creates a great community with its ambassadors with people from all over the country and Canada connecting, supporting, and cheering each other on through a love of hydration and clean sports."

Kalee from Washington, USA:

"I love how being a part of team Nuun not only helped me run in my first ever RAGNAR (go team Nuun or never!) - it's helped connect me with other passionate athletes that love clean sport and the best hydration product on the planet!"


  • Fitness junkie of all kinds and an Autoimmune Warrior…upping my running game and officially registering for my first half marathons this year!!!! I would love to be a part of such an amazing family as Nuun to help mentor and also be supported in my journey! ❣️

    Kristen Jessop on

  • I am a fitness coach with PlusOne Optum and a serious fitness enthusiast. Nuun plays a big role in my recovery and has helped me achieve goals and PR’s this year that I didn’t see happening till much later. I recommend Nuun to many of my client and I’m excited to apply to the ambassador program!

    Sarah Hiller on

  • I’m a 40+ middle ager. Just over 18 months ago I was over weight, had multiple medical issues, and changed my life. When searching for information on what would be best to supplement with “Nuun” was the"Go To Source". Without Nuun I don’t think I would have had the results I did. I lost over 55lbs, and how will be running my first 50k in December 2019.

    Hugo Herold on

  • I am a registered nurse with an absolute passion for working out and running! I do not start my day without my Nuun! And I always end it Nuun! I love it!

    Dawn Francis on

  • I am a current high school Biology teacher and active nuun user. We bring nuun into our science class while talking about electrolytes, minerals and nutrition health. I continue to convert my fellow teachers to nuun immunity users and currently have used nuun sport to help me acheive 3 PRs in 2019. Can’t wait for the program to open up!

    Jack Kelley on

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