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Being a lifestyle hydration product, Nuun seeks to use and source ingredients that are clean, and inclusive of as many diets as possible. The ketogenic (or “keto”) diet is no exception.

The keto diet follows the primary principles of limiting carbohydrate intake (to less than 20g or 5% of overall caloric intake per day). This diet focuses on a high-fat, and adequate protein plan to supplement the necessary nutrients and calories needed per day.

Over time, the body adapts to rely on fats for its primary source of energy (vs. Carbohydrates). This shift allows the body to tap into fat stores (ketones) for energy rather than glucose. The overall goal is to reach a metabolic state of “ketosis” which is indicative of a certain level of ketones in the blood. Studies have shown that following a keto diet can aid in certain weight loss strategies and help with various body composition efforts.

So where does Nuun fit into all of this?

Nuun was the very first sports hydration product to separate carbohydrates from hydration. This means that our formula focused on the intake of the electrolytes needed without all of the extra added sugar (which contributes to that “syrupy” taste used to describe traditional sports drinks).

Over time, research has revealed that while optimal hydration does not require high levels of sugar (or carbohydrates), very small amounts of sugar aid in the process our bodies undergo for fluid absorption. Therefore, you will find small amounts of sugar (1g) and 2g total carbohydrates in our Nuun Sport product.

So, let’s break it down:

Yes, Nuun does contain a small amount of carbohydrates. Of those 2g carbohydrates per tablet, 1 gram comes from dextrose. The remaining 1g comes from citric which is used as an effervescent agent (that’s where the fizz comes from). The body does not utilize citric acid the way it processes other sugars such as dextrose. Therefore, should not be counted against the net carb intake.

With such strict rules on carbohydrate intake, Nuun understands the keto individual’s needs to steer clear of added and refined sugars. We consider the consumption of a Nuun tablet within the “safe zone” of the keto diet limitations, not containing enough of a threatening overall carbohydrate profile to throw of a state of ketosis.

Happy drinking! #stayhydrated

 Looking for more information about Nuun and Ketosis? Read another article here!

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