Team Hydration Kit

whether you're running a 24 hour relay or a team of kids to soccer practice, electrolytes are key!

this hydration kit will keep your team hydrated through your adventures, and includes:

  • 12 water bottles with sport tops
  • 6 tubes lemon lime nuun active
  • 6 tubes wild berry nuun energy
  • 12 terry wristbands for sweat style points
  • temporary tattoos
  • 2 cowbells for cheering

Breaking a sweat? Grab some Nuun Sport! When you sweat, your body loses vital minerals and electrolytes that need to be replaced for healthy recovery and lasting performance. Nuun Sport provides the perfect balance of ingredients for mineral replenishment and optimal hydration before/during/after your workout.

Helps reduce inflammation

Supports overall muscle relaxation

Aids relaxation responses

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