VP Operations & Logistics

sport: Cycling, Fitness, Triathlon

location: San Francisco, CA

favorite way to use nuun: Sports applications. I mix the orange a bit stronger than normal for taste and the fact that I sweat a lot.

If you’ve ever purchased Nuun in a different country other than the United States, then chances are Jeff is the man to thank! Focused on bringing positive change to Nuun through innovation strategy and International distribution, Jeff is the man that helps spread the #NuunLove in the most literal sense!

Lover of food, coffee, and beer, Jeff can be found hanging out with his daughter and wife, be it by walking or biking. For the past 25 years, Jeff has found his zen on the water, surfing competitively through college. In 1998/1999, he placed 5th at state championships.

A master of land and water, Jeff is also a seasoned triathlete, having competed for the past 10 years.

Noteworthy quirk: His nickname in college was "Turtle". According to his friends, he looked nearly identical to the character Turtle in the 1987 hollywood surf film "North Shore." He has seen the film over a 100 times and can recite pretty much every line.