Chief Electrolyte Officer

sport: Running, Triathlon

location: Seattle, WA

favorite way to use nuun: On big bike rides, double up for an overdose of electrolytes to keep the cramps at bay.

Keeping the Canadian pride alive and well at Nuun HQ is our very own CEO Kevin. As our Chief Electrolyte Office, he sees his biggest role being to inspire and build a culture to rally around the possibilities and help bring our mission to life.

Kevin began playing hockey at the age of 9, though he considers that late for a Canadian, he excelled from there and went on to play competitively through college. Now-a-days, Kevin continues to play hockey for fun just to remain apart of the game that he’s held so dear.

When he’s not on the ice, Kevin is a seasoned triathlete and runner, having completed a plethora of triathlons, one of which was ironman florida, as well as two marathons and qualifying for Boston.

He also enjoys yoga, hiking with his wife and two dogs, traveling the world, and lastly, he is a serial learner about health, wellness and building inspirational brands and companies.

Noteworthy quirk: “I was born in London, grew up in Canada, and live in the USA. i say that to sound global, but London is actually in Canada so it's not that impressive.”