Regional Sales Manager

sport: Fitness, Golf

location: Atlanta, GA

favorite way to use nuun: On the rocks

Born in Lenox, Georgia, and currently based in Atlanta, Laura keeps the eastern half of the US hydrated as the Regional Sales Manager, the ultimate electrolyte pusher. As a member of the Sports Specialty team, Laura ensures that retailers across the East Coast are well stocked and ready to hydrate the masses.

Laura got her first taste for the fairway at the age of 13 and continued to play golf throughout college. In addition to playing golf, Laura also grew up riding dirt bikes, the perfect accessory to small town living.

“It's the kind of place where everybody knows everybody. My whole family still lives there and I love calling it home.”

In January of 2013, Laura put her competitive nature to the test and began crossfit. Once she caught the bug, she was immediately hooked. On a mission to show that runners can be crossfitters too, Laura never misses an opportunity to hit the pavement or the dirt. Half marathons, relay races, 5K, or a local trail race, Laura does it all.

When she’s not at CrossFit or running, Laura can be found on two wheels as she is an avid mountain biker.

When she pumps her gas, her final cents amount has to end it on a multiple of 5. Ex: $42.25 or $47.10.